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Allegations Don't Hinder Cain's Tea Party Support

Florida Tea Party activists helped push presidential candidate Herman Cain to the head of the GOP pack at the state Republican straw poll in September. Since then, a series of women have come forward with sexual harassment allegations against him. Cain's campaign has raised $90 million since Oct. 1 — more than double the amount raised in the previous 9 months.

Herman Cain And The Politics Of Race

Cain is riding high in the polls — tying with, and in some cases outdistancing, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. And amid allegations of sexual harassment, the Republican presidential candidate's supporters are sticking by him. Still, he hasn't been able to break through with one group — black voters.

Political Paralysis Worsens European Debt Crisis

It's not so much that the European debt relief turned out to be inadequate — it was the politics that proved unrealistic. When leaders don't seem to know what to do, panic sets in. The same inability in Washington to tackle big, systemic problems may cause long-term harm to the American economy.

Senate OKs Bill To Boost Hiring Of Veterans

The measure is the first sliver of President Obama's $447 billion jobs package to win bipartisan approval in the Senate. And it couldn't come soon enough: Nearly 1 in 8 veterans who left the service in the past decade is unemployed — a higher jobless rate than the national average.
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Virginia Sen. Houck Concedes Loss

Republicans now control all three statewide offices in Virginia, as state senator Edd Houck has conceded a narrow loss in District 17.


Newly Released Testimony Is Vintage Nixon

The National Archives has released President Nixon's long-secret grand jury testimony in the Watergate scandal from 1975. In it, the former president is manipulative, self-pitying and as unrevealing as possible.