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Can Obama Make History Again?

The president's support among independents has collapsed; his overall approval ratings are well below those of other presidents who went on to win a second term; and unemployment is expected to stay near 9 percent until Election Day. To get re-elected in 2012, he'll have to defy the odds.
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Jury Acquits Sen. Currie Of All Charges

Maryland state senator Ulysses Currie has been acquitted of all charges Tuesday, after being accused of conspiracy and bribery for performing favors for Shoppers Food Warehouse.


GOP: Holder Hearing Leaves Unanswered Questions

Attorney General Eric Holder got a grilling from members of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday about a flawed gun-trafficking operation that let hundreds of guns flow across the Southwest border. But GOP lawmakers still want to know more about the Justice Department's response.

Cain Speaks On Sexual Misconduct Allegations

GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain undertook his first serious interviews since the allegations by a Chicago woman on Monday of sexual misconduct when she was seeking help from Cain during a job hunt. NPR's Tamara Keith joins Robert Siegel to explain.

Cain: 'I Have Never Acted Inappropriately With Anyone'

The latest accuser is lying, Cain says. His ABC News/Yahoo interview comes as the candidate continues to deal with stories about women who accuse him of sexual harassment — charges he has said are baseless.
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Occupy Wall Street Marching To D.C.

occupy dc protester

A small group of Occupy Wall Street protesters are marching from New York City to Washington D.C., to raise awareness about the vote on the expiring Bush tax cuts.


Herman Cain's Kimmel Show Allred Joke Was Odd Crisis Management

Herman Cain definitely doesn't seem to have this crisis-management thing down yet. He presumably went on Jimmy Kimmel Live Monday evening to fight the latest charge of sexual misbehavior on his part. Instead, he made a sexually tinged jibe about Gloria Allred, the lawyer representing his latest accuser, Sharon Bialek.