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New Rules Turn Up Heat On Florida's Redistricting

Florida is adding two new congressional seats this year because of its population growth — and that's sparking a battle. Legal challenges are likely in light of constitutional amendments adopted last year that require lawmakers to draw districts without regard to parties or incumbents.
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CQ Roll Call: Bi-Partisan Deal On Payroll Tax Break Extension Not Reached

Congress still has not reached a bi-partisan deal to extend the payroll tax break past the end of the year, and chances of a recess appointment to elect a new head of Consumer Protection Financial Bureau is likely.
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WaPo's McCartney: Virginia's Senatorial Race, Paul Schurick Convicted, Occupy DC Escalation

Bob McCartney of The Washington Post says that Virginia's senatorial race isn't as closely tied to the national election as some think, and also talks about Paul Schurick's conviction and the Occupy DC escalation.


At Age 35, Why Congress Needs Hispanic Caucus

The Congressional Hispanic Caucus has grown and changed since its inception, and few people know that better than the chair, Rep. Charles Gonzalez, D-Texas. His late father was one of the founders of the group. He speaks with host Michel Martin about the CHC's evolution and its mission.

As Candidates Decline, Will Trump Moderate A Debate? 'Don't Know,' He Says

Only two contenders — former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and former Sen. Rick Santorum — have agreed to take part.
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Congress Split Over How To Head Consumer Bureau

Democrats say one director is needed to efficiently head the Consumer Bureau, while Republicans say one person is not enough.
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Leslie Johnson Sentenced To One Year In Prison

Leslie Johnson, wife of former Prince George's County Executive Jack Johnson, has been sentenced to one year and one day in prison for her role in his federal corruption scandal. 


Ron Paul's Young Fans Flock To Him In Iowa

The Texas congressman, enjoying second or third place among Republican presidential hopefuls in Iowa with about 18 percent support, held a rally at Iowa State University on Thursday night. Why does the 76-year-old have such a strong following among college kids?