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In New Ads Focused On Character, Obama And Romney Get Personal

In new ads, President Obama and Mitt Romney seek to raise doubts about each other's character. Romney accuses the president of being willing to do anything to stay president. Obama's ad accuses Romney of making a "blatantly false" claim.
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Ocean City Business Owners Indifferent About Table Games

While politicians have sparred over the prospect of table games at Maryland casinos, Ocean City business owners are apathetic about the prospects at the local Ocean Downs Casino.

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All Eyes On Tampa: Previewing The RNC

Two weeks from today, thousands of delegates, reporters and protesters will descend on Tampa, Fla., for the Republican National Convention.

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Bankers Behaving Badly

Scandals at three big British banks have grabbed headlines recently. Some in the financial world say these aren't isolated incidents, but rather all-too-common practices.

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Storytelling In The Digital Age

Many new technologies shorten our attention spans. But New York Times technology reporter Matt Richtel says e-books are breathing life into an old genre: short stories.

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Analysis: Maryland Gaming Expansion, D.C. Property Tax Reductions, Possible D.C. 2024 Olympics Bid

As a special session continues Friday on whether Maryland should expand gaming, D.C. mayor and council seek to discover why some property taxes for commercial buildings downtown were reduced.


An Undecided Florida Voter Faces Emotional Decision

Four years ago, Wanda Kos voted for Barack Obama. Now, she says, she's on the fence. And her decision has taken on an added layer since 2008: Her son just joined the Army, so she'll be casting a ballot for his commander in chief.

It's All Politics, Aug. 9, 2012

In what could be the last podcast before Romney's V.P. announcement, NPR's Ron Elving and Ken Rudin once again review the finalists. Plus, a look at the latest Obama and Romney ads, more battleground state polls, primary results in Missouri and elsewhere, and a look ahead to the next Tea Party target.