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While Campaigning, Obama Keeps Eye On Isaac

With the GOP convention about to get under way, President Obama is on the road this week. He made the first of three stops to college campuses this morning. Scott Horsley was there and talks to Audie Cornish.

New Jersey's Struggles May Shadow Christie's Speech

Chris Christie is delivering the keynote address Tuesday at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. The New Jersey governor was rumored to be on Mitt Romney's shortlist of potential running mates. Christie has come under criticism lately for over-hyping the economic recovery in his state.

Paul Ryan Had A Black Girlfriend — Does It Matter?

Ever since the news emerged that vice president candidate Paul Ryan once had a black girlfriend, pundits have been puzzling over what, if anything, it means to black voters.

Delegate Views Don't Always Reflect Party As A Whole

Polling of convention delegates over the past four decades has shown that they tend to hold stronger views than rank-and-file members of their own party.

'Real Romney' Authors Dissect His Latest Campaign

Michael Kranish's and Scott Helman's biography on Mitt Romney — The Real Romney — is now out in paperback with a new afterword. The authors discuss Romney's shift to the right, his faith and his recent comment "no one's ever asked to see my birth certificate."
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Hurricane Sandy And The 2012 Presidential Election

Hurricane Sandy has disrupted lives up and down the East Coast. Diane and her guests discuss the storm's impact and possible effects on the 2012 presidential election.