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2 Portraits Emerge Of Mitt Romney The Businessman

The job Romney talks about most on the campaign trail is his leadership of Bain Capital. His supporters say that's where he learned to solve big problems, create jobs and grow companies. His opponents say he made money by shutting down factories, occasionally driving companies into bankruptcy.
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Va. Budget Surplus Obscuring Hidden Deficit?


Virginia's governor is boasting of a big budget surplus after big cuts to education this year -- but some question whether it will last through next year.


All Aboard Cain Train: Man With 9-9-9 Plan Is Latest GOP Darling

Herman Cain vaults to head of GOP class with simple message and great delivery. But staying power is questioned since he doesn't have much in the way of an organization or money. He also appears to have benefited from Republican voters tiring of the other candidates.
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Occupy DC Completes Peaceful March

occupy dc

The Occupy DC protests continue on Thursday, with thousands of activists taking to the streets protesting at City Hall, the White House and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.


Seemingly Bogus Website Uses 'Occupy Party' Name... To Sell Ads

As the Occupy Wall Street movement inspires protests in more U.S. cities, a website has popped up that seems to be trading on the group's lack of formal organization. And the only obvious goal of the site? To rake in profits on advertising.

Obama To Congress: Make Jobs Proposal Top Priority

In a White House news conference Thursday morning, President Obama urged Congress to pass his jobs-creation plan.

The Multimillionaire Helping Republicans Win N.C.

Businessman Art Pope poured millions of dollars into state legislative campaigns during the 2010 campaign. Republicans went on to win 18 of the 22 campaign seats Pope and his organizations targeted. New Yorker writer Jane Mayer talks about Pope's growing power — and how his money may influence the 2012 presidential election.

With Christie Out, His Moneymen Go Shopping For A New Candidate

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie isn't choosing sides in the GOP primary race just yet, but his financial backers are already lining up behind Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. But Texas Gov. Rick Perry showed he has the cash to compete too.