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Postmaster: Postal Service In Dire Financial Straits

On Monday, U.S. Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe appealed to Congress to help him reform the Postal Service, but he rejected the bills that have passed House and Senate committees. He says they don't address the big picture.

Obama Pushes Payroll Tax Cut In N.H.

President Obama campaigned in New Hampshire Tuesday, stressing the dire consequences if Congress fails to extend the payroll tax cut. On the same day, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney purchased air time in the state for his first TV ad of the campaign: an attack on Obama's management of the economy. Robert Siegel talks with NPR White House correspondent Scott Horsley.

The National Debt: What The Left And Right Agree On

The supercommittee failed. But when it comes to long-term U.S. debt, the left and right agree. A lot.

In Gingrich's Past, A Lesson On Ambition

The former House speaker began his career as a history professor at West Georgia College. "He thought he could have some kind of impact, to get kids to think," says a friend and former colleague. "But he really wanted to get into politics."

Seven More Years In Prison For Blagojevich Adviser Tony Rezko

The real estate developer, who also once raised money for then-state candidate Barack Obama, was convicted of fraud and other charges.
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Virginia Delegate Introduces 'Personhood' Bill

Virginia delegate Bob Marshall is introducing a bill that would grant personhood at the moment of conception.

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D.C. Mayor Hopes To Highlight Positive Message

With communications shakeup, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray hopes to do a better job of putting out a positive message -- and minimizing the focus on the scandals that have plagued his administration.


The Long, Slow March Toward Supercommittee's Crisis

Lawmakers have spent much of this year struggling to reach a deal that could get budget deficits under control. But the problem has been developing for at least a decade. In 2000, there was a $200 billion surplus.