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Presidential Speeches: Sound And (Partisan) Fury, Signifying Not Much

Presidential speeches are often the rhetorical equivalent of the old and discredited medical practice of bleeding patients; not doing much good in most cases, definitely harmful in many others.
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Maryland Considers Smoking Ban In Kid-Laden Cars

Maryland lawmakers will take another look Monday at a bill that would ban smoking in cars with children less than 8 years old in the vehicle.


Rahm Emanuel: I Want The World To Come To Chicago

It's been nearly a year since Rahm Emanuel cruised to victory in the election for Chicago's mayor. Host Michel Martin talks with Mayor Emanuel about how he's raising Chicago's international profile and working to boost the city's economy. Emanuel also weighs in on President Obama's re-election campaign.

Texas Voter ID Law Blocked By Justice Department

The Justice Department says the state failed to show that the law would not deny or limit minorities' right to vote. It's the second state voter ID law the department has blocked.
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CQ Roll Call: Republicans Not Worried About Bartlett In The Primary, O'Malley And McDonnell On Different Timetables

Republican Rep. Roscoe Bartlett faces a crowded field of challengers for Maryland's primary in three weeks.


Monday Political Grab Bag: Rising Gas Prices Hurt Obama's Ratings Etc

President Obama's approval ratings have fallen as gas prices have risen. Mitt Romney has benefited from his well-planned strategy of collecting delegates whereever they're up for grabs. The most recent polls showed Romney tied or ahead in Alabama and Mississippi.