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Occupy Protesters Greet Romney On The Campaign Trail In New Hampshire

Neither political party cares about the 99 percent, Occupy protesters complained.

Holiday Greetings From The World Of Politics: Dogs, Churches, And Plaid Shirts

Political figures send out holiday cards just like everyone else. ...Well, maybe not exactly like everyone else.
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Poll: Virginians Divided On Uranium Mining, State Budget

A poll released today from Quinnipiac University tests the waters in Virginia on gun control, uranium mining, the state budget, how well state lawmakers are doing. 


What's The Economic Impact If The Tax Break Dies?

Economists say the legislative impasse over extending a payroll tax cut and other provisions could reduce consumer spending, slow growth and disrupt the health care sector.
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Redistricting Takes Center Stage In Virginia

Redistricting in Virginia is shaping up to take center stage in the 2012 election.

Super Pac Has Internet Fun At Gingrich's Expense

The Democratic political action committee American Bridge 21st Century has taken over the website newtgingrich.com. Visitors to the site — which is not controlled by Newt Gingrich's presidential campaign — were re-directed to, among other things, the website Tiffany & Co., and to articles critical of the former House speaker.

Romney Puts His Eggs In New Hampshire Basket

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is campaigning hard in New Hampshire, which holds its primary on Jan.10. The former Mass. Governor has seven events scheduled Thursday. He's been focusing on New Hampshire's primary rather than the Iowa caucuses.

Texas Schools Grapple With Big Budget Cuts

State lawmakers slashed more than $4 billion this year from education, one of the largest cuts in the Texas history. More than 12,000 teachers and staff have been laid off. Some districts halted construction on much-needed new schools; others have parents pay for extra programs. And low-income students may fare the worst.

Gingrich's Catholic Journey Began With Third Wife

Like many adult converts, Gingrich was drawn by the philosophical richness of the Roman Catholic Church. In 2010, Newt and Callista Gingrich produced a documentary about Pope John Paul II's historic trip to Poland. But for Gingrich, the turning point was Pope Benedict XVI's "joyful and radiating presence" on a visit to the US in 2008.