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Facing Stiffened Opposition, Obama Goes It Alone

The president's decision to act on some issues without congressional approval has political, as well as practical, ramifications. It also uses a script that has been followed by other presidents who faced a recalcitrant Congress.

Cain Responds To Harassment Allegations

Businessman Herman Cain recently entered the top tier of Republican presidential candidates. A story published Sunday evening by Politico alleges that Cain harassed two female employees when he ran the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s. On Monday, Cain appeared at two public events, a discussion of his 9-9-9 tax plan at the American Enterprise Institute as well as a speech and Q-and-A session at the National Press Club.

Obama Targets Prescription Drug Shortage

President Obama signed an executive order Monday afternoon to target shortages in certain prescription medications. The order instructs the FDA to address the shortages with more reporting about drug shortfalls, faster approval of new production, and added investigation of possible price gouging. It's one in a series of initiatives the White House is undertaking to highlight congressional inaction.
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Gray Cleared: No 'Direct Evidence' Backing Quid Pro Quo Claims

mayor vincent gray

Accusations from former D.C. mayoral candidate Sulaimon Brown that he took shots at Adrian Fenty in exchange for a job in the Gray administration were deemed unsubstantiated by a House committee on Monday.


Experts Doubt Cain's Response To Harassment Report

Highflying GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain defended himself against a report that he sexually harassed two women more than a decade ago, saying he's the target of a "witch hunt." But employment lawyers say Cain's claim he was unaware of any settlement in a harassment case is implausible.
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Virginia Absentee Ballot Deadline Approaching

Virginia voters hoping to vote via absentee ballot better hurry up -- the deadline to apply for those who qualify is on Tuesday.

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CQ Roll Call: Mr. Cain Goes to Washington

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is making a visit to D.C. this week despite new accusations that he covered up an instance of sexual harassment in the '90s.