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Democrats Suffer 'Demoralizing' Defeats In New York And Nevada

The loss of a special election in New York is being viewed as another sign that voters' unhappiness with President Obama is hurting his fellow Democrats.

Portion Of Obama Jobs Bill Would Update Schools

President Obama's road trip to push his jobs bill takes him to North Carolina Wednesday. It's the third election battleground state the president has visited in less than a week. He's promoting his plan to prop up the economy with $447 billion in tax cuts and new government spending. Some of that money would go to refurbish outdated school buildings. Obama stressed that idea during a stop in Columbus, Ohio, Tuesday.

Republican Wins N.Y. Democrat Weiner's House Seat

Republicans pulled off an upset in Tuesday's special election in New York City to replace former congressman Anthony Weiner. Bob Turner claimed victory over Democrat David Weprin. Turner framed the result as a referendum on the policies of President Obama.


Republicans Oppose Obama Call To Pay For Jobs With Taxes

The president's $447 billion jobs bill, which was sent to Congress this week, would end a slew of tax breaks for corporations and those households with annual incomes of more than $250,000. Republicans say there's little chance of Congress accepting the proposal.
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Kaine Rejects GOP Claims About Social Security

Tim Kaine at podium

Former Virginia Governor and U.S. Senate candidate Tim Kaine went on the offensive Tuesday, attacking Republican claims that Social Security needs reforms.


A Potential Superhero For The Supercommittee

At a hearing before the bipartisan deficit-cutting panel on Tuesday, the head of the Congressional Budget Office managed to short-circuit partisan bickering over the debt by laying out some facts: Trimming around the edges is not going to be enough to slash the deficit this fall, Doug Elmendorf warned.

Pediatricians Fact-Check Bachmann's Bashing of HPV Vaccine

The American Academy of Pediatrics said there is no validity to statements that a vaccine against cervical cancer is dangerous and can lead to mental retardation.

Editor of PolitiFact Discusses GOP Debate

Melissa Block talks with Bill Adair, editor of PolitiFact.com, about some of the claims made by Republican presidential candidates during last night's debate. Do they stack up?