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Family Roots Matter, If You're A GOP Convention Speaker

If Republicans really do have a problem with the issue of immigration — as even former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush intimated on Thursday — you wouldn't know it from the litany of GOP convention speakers who have made a point of stressing their country of origin.

As It Happened: Thursday At The Republican Convention

Mitt Romney accepted his party's presidential nomination and promised to end four years of "disappointment and division." President Obama, he said, has failed to solve the nation's problems and it's time for him to leave the White House.

America 'Deserves Better,' And He Can Deliver, Romney Will Tell The Nation

"I wish President Obama had succeeded because I want America to succeed," the Republican presidential nominee plans to tell the nation tonight. But instead, he will say, "hope and change" have turned to disappointment.

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The Politics Hour

Kojo joins the Politics Hour gang live from Tampa, where he's been covering the Republican National Convention.


GOP Delegates Say Romney Must Focus On Economy

Robert Siegel talked to scores of delegates of all types to find out what they think Mitt Romney should say in his acceptance speech tonight. The economy and jobs were the most mentioned topics.

Ron Paul Supporters Get One Last Shout At RNC

Melissa Block talks to Robert Siegel who is on the floor at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Robert reports that around 200 Ron Paul and Rick Santorum supporters say they plan to walk off the floor Thursday night. They are protesting a rule change that they feel hurt them.

Ryan's Speech Provides Fodder For Fact-Checkers

Melissa Block talks to Glenn Kassler, who writes "The Fact Checker" column for The Washington Post. He separates the fact from fiction in Wednesday night's speeches at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida.