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House Passes Its Version Of Domestic Violence Act

The House Wednesday passed a Republican version of a bill to renew the Violence Against Women Act. This is expected to set up a battle with the Democratic-controlled Senate, which has already passed a broader measure that's supported by the White House.

Defense Rests In John Edwards Trial

The defense in the John Edwards trial rested on Wednesday. Attorneys for the former presidential candidate and vice presidential nominee did not call Edwards, his daughter or Rielle Hunter, the woman he had an affair with and who bore his child. Edwards is accused of skirting federal campaign finance laws by accepting secret payments to cover up the affair and further his political ambitions. North Carolina Public Radio's Jeff Tiberii speaks with Melissa Block from Greensboro, N.C.
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Senate Bill Offers Benefits For Same-Sex Partners

Legislation has been introduced in the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee that would offer benefits to the same-sex partners of federal employees.

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Maryland Passes Income Tax Hikes, Budget Measures

The Maryland General Assembly passed a budget measure in a special session that concluded today, raising income taxes for high-income earners, as well as other budget measures.


Democrat 'Appalled' By Wisconsin Recall

Wisconsin Democrats hope to unseat Republican Governor Scott Walker in a recall election. In the Los Angeles Times, Jonathan Zimmerman, a lifelong Democrat, says he is "appalled." The recall, he writes, "epitomizes the petty, loser-take-all vindictiveness of contemporary American politics."

Hickenlooper And List On Pre-Election Atmosphere

The push for civil unions recently failed in Colorado, and Governor John Hickenlooper has some ideas about why. Also, former Nevada Governor Bob List talks about the influence of Ron Paul on the Republican Party. And NPR's Political Junkie columnist Ken Rudin rounds up the news.

Latino Voters: Seen, But Will They Be Heard, In 2012?

Now the fastest growing voting group, Latinos have never been so heavily courted in a presidential race. They could play a key role in battleground states in the 2012 elections.
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Analysis: More GSA-Fueled Spending Crackdowns, Fewer Bonuses For Federal Employees

Federal agencies are now seeing specific mandates on limits to travel spending and conferences after the Las Vegas conference scandal. GovExec Editor Tom Shoop talks about the latest policies affecting federal employees.