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Obama Launching China Trade Case

President Obama will launch a new trade enforcement case against China Monday, using the power of incumbency to counter Republican Mitt Romney's criticism that he is ceding American jobs to the Asian power.
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Voter Registration Cards To Be Sent To Virginians

The Virginia State Board of Elections will mail about 4.7 million voter registration cards as part of a public awareness campaign for the new voter identification rules.

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D.C. Council Tackles Education Issues And Camera Fines

The D.C. Council returns this week after a summer recess, and a couple of items on the agenda include traffic camera fines and additional full-time teachers in schools.


Numbers Favor Republicans But Path To Senate Majority Is Still Iffy

With about 50 days to go before the elections, the battle for Senate control is still too close to call. To get a majority, Republicans need a net gain of 4 seats — 3 if the GOP wins the White House.
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D.C. Councilmember Has Had Driver's License Suspended Five Times

D.C. Councilmember Michael A. Brown has had his driver's license suspended five times due to traffic violations and unpaid tickets.


Presidential Campaigns Target 'Likely' Voters

President Obama campaigns this week in Ohio, Florida and Virginia — three key states where a new poll shows him leading Republican rival Mitt Romney. An important question this election season is: Which candidate will do a better of job of getting his supporters to the polls in November?

Romney Tries To Appeal To Hispanic Voters

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is in Los Angeles, where he'll do an interview with the Spanish-speaking U.S. network Telemundo. He'll also speak to the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce's annual convention. Later this week, he'll be in Miami for a forum on the U.S. Spanish-language network Univision.

Another Convention, This For Political Cartoonists

NPR's Brent Baughman takes a visit to the annual Association of American Editorial Cartoonists' Convention in Washington D.C. and has this amusing postcard.