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Week In Politics: Economy; Herman Cain; Mitt Romney

Robert Siegel speaks with our regular political commentators, E.J. Dionne, of the Washington Post and Brookings Institution, and David Brooks, of the New York Times.

OWS Donations Create Headaches For Protesters

The Occupy Wall Street movement based in New York's Zuccotti Park has accumulated almost half a million dollars in cash and online donations. But managing the new-found wealth is creating headaches for the protesters.

Rep. Bass Discusses Letter To Supercommittee

Guy Raz speaks to Republican Rep. Charles Bass of New Hampshire about the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction, also known as the "Supercommittee." On Wednesday, Bass — along with 39 other Republicans — signed a letter urging the committee to put all options for spending and revenues on the table.
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CQ Roll Call: Infrastructure Disagreement And The Super Committee Showdown

The usual Congressional gridlock is blocking spending bills on transportation infrastructure, and while there are mixed signals on a super committee compromise, few think the across-the-board cuts will actually take effect.


Poll: Cain Still Tied With Romney Despite Sex Harassment Claims

There's been anecdotal evidence and plenty of signs on social media, that many Republicans still support Herman Cain bid for president despite revelations the trade group he once headed paid monetary settlements to women who accused him of sexual harassment. Now we have some data in a new poll that shows him tied with Mitt Romney.
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WaPo's McCartney: Virginia Elections, New Federal Winter Weather Dismissal Strategy

Snow is on the federal government's mind. Could a new winter weather dismissal strategy prevent fewer weather-related accidents on the road this year?

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Politifact Virginia: McDonnell On Gang Violence, Forbes And Job Loss

Fact checking Virginia politicians' claims and keeping them to their promises with Politifact Virginia.


Cain Leads In Polls, But Some Doubt His Strategy

The Republican presidential candidate is facing allegations of sexual harassment and has made gaffes on the campaign trail. But what has political professionals scratching their heads is the way Herman Cain is running his campaign — not spending much time in critical early voting states like Iowa.

Millennials Uncertain Of Loyalty Toward Obama

Young people were President Obama's most important age group in the last election. They knocked on doors, bought posters and gave his campaign a sense of vibrancy and excitement as they turned out to vote in record numbers. But now, it's not clear whether they will support Obama as they did in 2008.