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Romney In London: Not A Smashing Success So Far

Mitt Romney's big foreign trip got off to a shaky start. Among several missteps, the Republican presidential candidate upset his British host by raising doubts about whether the London Olympics would be a success.
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Women's Health And The Affordable Care Act

Starting Wednesday, insurance companies will be required to cover eight preventive care services for women as part of the Affordable Care Act.

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The Future Of Neighborhood Communication

Facebook and Twitter have transformed the way people communicate with family and friends. But tools like LISTSERV and Yahoo! Groups dominate at the neighborhood level.

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Voters Likely To Decide Fate Of Maryland Redistricting

Maryland redistricting is likely to make it onto the ballot in November, as the redrawn Congressional districts have drawn criticism for being overly informed by partisanship.


Romney Aims Tough Talk At China, And Obama

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been drawing sharp contrasts with President Obama on the U.S. approach to China. But the reality may be that some things won't change no matter who is in charge.

Romney Scrambles After Doubting London's Olympics

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is in the United Kingdom for the first leg of a foreign trip that also takes him to Israel and Poland. Audie Cornish talks with Philip Reeves about Romney's meetings today with current and former British officials.