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Ryan Role In Thompson Win Debated

Whether GOP vice presidential pick Paul Ryan will help Mitt Romney's quest for the White House is the subject of fierce debate. But some politicos are calling Ryan a kingmaker after former Wisconsin Gov. Tommy Thompson's slim victory in the hotly contested Republican U.S Senate primary.
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A Conservative Approach To Climate Change

One former Republican lawmaker thinks it's time for conservatives to make fixes for climate change a priority. We find out where free-market policies fit into the issue.


Will Romney's Pick Swing The Senior Vote?

Older voters make up a major voting bloc that both candidates will be courting, and Mitt Romney's pick of Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate has put Medicare and Social Security front-and-center. Guest host Jacki Lyden discusses how these voters might respond with Andrew Kohut of the Pew Research Center.

Aurora Shootings Come Into Play In Colorado Races

In one House race, a conservative group is accusing a Democrat of politicizing the shootings after he called for stricter gun control laws. And in a newly redrawn district that includes Aurora, the tragedy could permeate the general election campaign.

It's Incumbent Vs. Incumbent In Iowa, And Washington Is Watching

One is House Speaker John Boehner's golfing buddy; the other, an ally of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Republican Tom Latham and Democrat Leonard Boswell have long served together in the U.S. House. But redistricting has put the popular incumbents on a general-election collision course.
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Watchdogs: D.C. Area Governments Need Work On Transparency

The District, Maryland and Virginia could use some help on its government transparency, according to government watchdogs. Most recently, D.C. is getting criticism for trying to limit Freedom of Information Act requests. 


Campaign Trail: Biden's Comment About 'Chains' Sparks Controversy

By telling a racially mixed audience in Virginia on Tuesday that the Republican ticket's economic plans would "put y'all back in chains," Vice President Biden sparked the latest campaign controversy.