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Obama To Dump Biden From The Ticket In Favor Of Hillary? Give Me A Break

This week's Political Junkie column: President Obama says Joe Biden is doing a great job as vice president. Biden says he will run again in 2012. Hillary Clinton says rumors of her replacing Biden on the ticket are nonsense. And they are. So why doesn't this story go away?
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Cardin To Run For Re-election In 2012

Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin (D) will try for another term in 2012. He announced his candidacy this weekend at an event in Baltimore.


Unlikely Advocates Fight For Gay Rights In Mich. City

Last June, the city council of Holland voted against adding sexual orientation and gender identity to local anti-discrimination laws. Now, religious leaders and Republicans have joined to pressure the council to change that vote.
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Virginia Elections: High Stakes, But Low Turnout Expected

Virginia voters will head to the polls for state and local elections Tuesday, and the state senate could change hands depending on the day's outcome.


What The U.S. Got From A Euro-Focused Summit

President Obama comes back to Washington Saturday from the G-20 summit in France. NPR's Scott Horsley examines what the president achieved at the meeting, considering an agenda heavily overshadowed by the European debt crisis.

Greece Votes To Keep Its Head, For Now

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou survived a vote of confidence late Friday night after pledging he would step aside to form a broad coalition government. Yet, as NPR's Sylvia Poggioli tells host Scott Simon, it's still not clear whether Greece can create a new government.

A Week Of Harassment For Herman Cain

This week was to have been Herman Cain's triumphant arrival in Washington, D.C., as a front-running GOP presidential candidate. Instead, he spent all five days dogged by sexual harassment allegations, capped on Friday by a statement from one of the victims through her lawyer. NPR's Tamara Keith recaps.

Herman Cain's Base Ponders His Accusations

Herman Cain is near the top of a new national poll, despite battling allegations of sexual harassment from a dozen years ago. So what do his likely fans at the Americans for Prosperity Foundation conference think of Cain and charges against him? NPR's Andrea Seabrook was there and talked to some of them.