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Michelle Obama Gets Top Billing On DNC's First Day

The Democratic National Convention began Tuesday in Charlotte, N.C. Robert Siegel talks with Mara Liasson about the day's events.

Dems Capitalize On Advantage With Hispanic Voters

Hispanics were a major focus of the program at the Republican National Convention in Tampa. Democrats, beginning their convention in Charlotte, N.C., are hoping to capitalize on their current advantage with Hispanic voters.

Democrats Highlight Ryan's Marathon Time Gaffe

Robert Siegel and Melissa Block report that as the Democratic National Convention gets underway, the other running record of Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan is taking the spotlight. Debate over his reported marathon time has become a popular subject in the blogosphere. Ryan misstated his over four hour time as being under three hours.

Democratic Platform Endorses Gay Marriage

It's been a momentous year for the LGBT community. At the Democratic National Convention, delegates are voting to approve a platform that includes a gay marriage plank. This follows President Obama's announcement in May that he supports gay marriage. These developments, on top of other support from the administration, have led gay and lesbian donors to step up their contributions to the president's re-election campaign this year. Audie Cornish talked with gay delegates and fundraisers about what this year has meant for them.

Elizabeth Warren Weighs In On 'You Didn't Build It'

On Wednesday, Elizabeth Warren will take the national stage when she speaks at the Democratic National Convention. Audie Cornish spoke with her about the origin of the now infamous "you didn't build that" phrase, the state of the economy and her close Senate race in Massachusetts.
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Preview Of The New Session Of The U.S. Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear cases on affirmative action and same-sex marriage in the new term and is likely to take up voting rights. What's ahead in the nation's highest court.


Are You Better Off? Democrats In Charlotte Say It's Complicated

But most of them said that despite some disappointments, the president deserves four more years to see his policies through.