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Analysis: New Polls Show Kaine Ahead Of Allen In Virginia Senate Race

Washington Post columnist Robert McCartney talks about the latest polls showing Democrat Tim Kaine leading Republican George Allen in Virginia's U.S. Senate race.


The Voter Veto: On Controversial Issues, More Citizens Taking On Lawmakers

In November, voters will decide whether new state laws on issues such as labor policy, immigration and gay marriage can remain in effect. They're using a process called "popular referendum." Different from a ballot initiative, it amounts to a public veto of elected officials. And its use is growing.

It's All Politics, Sept. 20, 2012

September can't end soon enough for Mitt Romney, as a leaked video — and some disappointing poll numbers in swing states — add to his woes. Republicans, trying to win a Senate majority, get some surprise encouragement in Connecticut. News out of Indiana and Wisconsin brings cheers to Democrats.
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Analysis: Senate's Slow Final Vote, Polls Show Dems Up In Virginia

CQ Roll Call's David Hawkings talks about the delay on passing a funding bill in the Senate, and polls out this week that show Democrats gaining ground in close races in Virginia and other swing states. 

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"The Victory Lab"

Both major political parties are running high tech, data-driven experiments -- and you're the guinea pig.


Latest Fundraising Picture Shows Strong Month For Obama

Fundraising reports filed last night by the presidential campaigns show President Obama with a slight advantage in monthly fundraising last month, while Republican Mitt Romney has the edge by some other measures.
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On Final Day Before Recess, House Votes On Welfare Bill

Welfare work requirements will be the issue of the day in the U.S. House on the last day the body is expected to be in session before the November elections. 


Are New Rules Needed For High-Speed Stock Trading?

On Capitol Hill, some members of Congress are asking whether new rules are needed to reign in high-speed stock market trading. Democratic Senator Jack Reed told a conference of traders that there is enough evidence to warrant a closer look.