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Stakes Rise In Virginia After Failure To Pass Budget

The Virginia legislative session ended on Saturday, leaving the commonwealth without a budget for the first time since 2001. The implications, experts say, could be far-reaching.


Even For Romney, Delegate Math Still A Problem

While Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney argues that his opponents have no realistic shot at winning enough delegates to secure the nomination, the same could eventually be true for Romney if a four-way race continues. NPR takes a look at the latest delegate numbers.

Hey, Y'all: Why Romney Might Just Win In The South

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's on-the-trail efforts in Mississippi and Alabama may look awkward, but his money and organization could translate to wins on Tuesday.

GOP Candidates Make Last-Minute Appeals In South

Mississippi and Alabama hold Republican primaries on Tuesday. Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney scheduled a last-minute campaign event in Mobile, where he appeared on stage with the comedian Jeff Foxworthy. Former Pennsylvania senator Rick Santorum and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich both addressed an energy summit in Biloxi.

Presidential Speeches: Sound And (Partisan) Fury, Signifying Not Much

Presidential speeches are often the rhetorical equivalent of the old and discredited medical practice of bleeding patients; not doing much good in most cases, definitely harmful in many others.
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Maryland Considers Smoking Ban In Kid-Laden Cars

Maryland lawmakers will take another look Monday at a bill that would ban smoking in cars with children less than 8 years old in the vehicle.


Rahm Emanuel: I Want The World To Come To Chicago

It's been nearly a year since Rahm Emanuel cruised to victory in the election for Chicago's mayor. Host Michel Martin talks with Mayor Emanuel about how he's raising Chicago's international profile and working to boost the city's economy. Emanuel also weighs in on President Obama's re-election campaign.