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Jindal's Story Intrigues, But Can It Get Him A VP Nod?

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has a compelling life story that would add some sizzle to Mitt Romney's White House bid. But some worry he might not be a safe choice for vice president on the GOP ballot. One concern is his age. Jindal is 41 but some think he looks even younger than that, and that could be a problem at the polls. NPR's Jeff Brady originally reported this story on Morning Edition.

Cheney: Picking Palin Was A 'Mistake'

Former Vice President Dick Cheney called Sen. John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate in 2008 a "mistake."

Romney In Israel After Rocky Start To Foreign Tour

Republican presidential candidate Romney is meeting with top Israeli and Palestinian officials and delivering a speech in Jerusalem. Guest host David Greene talks with reporter Sheera Frenkel about the visit.

Romney Camp Comments On Israeli Action In Iran, Then Clarifies

A foreign policy adviser initially said Mitt Romney would "respect" Israel's decision to act militarily to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons, if the country felt it needed to. Romney is scheduled to give a speech in Israel later Sunday.

Politics Doesn't Trump All: A Bipartisan Love Story

High-profile bipartisan relationships and even marriages have always been a small part of the Washington mix. But one Democratic-Republican couple says such relationships are becoming rarer in a politically divided country.

Does Sen. Thune Have The Right Stuff For Romney?

As Mitt Romney's campaign zeroes in on a No. 2 for the Republican presidential ticket, South Dakota Sen. John Thune could be a safe option. He's an experienced legislator with conservative credentials. Yet, like many of his fellow hopefuls, he's coy when it comes to VP talk.

Last Year's Legacy: Debt Ceiling 'Avalanche' Looms

A year ago at this time, Congress was battling over whether to raise the debt ceiling. They tied their own hands, saying they would come up with a solution or massive cuts would set in automatically. Then nothing happened. And the chances of anything changing before the election are slim to none.