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Could Gay Marriage Keep Black Voters From Polls?

Historically, pastors have played a big role in organizing get-out-the-vote efforts within the African American community. But the issue of same-sex marriage has divided faith leaders. Guest host Celeste Headlee speaks with Reverend Derek McCoy of the Maryland Marriage Alliance about how the issue could affect the black vote.
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Analysis: Hill Staffers Focus On Congressional Work Before Election

David Hawkings, editor of the CQ Roll Call Daily Briefing, talks about what staffers will be doing while lawmakers are out campaigning for the election.


Debate Preview: Obama And Romney Shadow Box On '60 Minutes'

The first official presidential debate isn't until Oct. 3 in Denver. But interviews on CBS offered a sense of what the tone may be like next week.

Ads Slice Up Swing States With Growing Precision

Everything in this year's presidential election is supersized, except for the number of swing states in play. That's forcing a bigger pot of money to be pumped into a smaller pool of states. "There is such focus on relatively few markets that the levels of advertising we're seeing are really uncharted waters," one media analyst says.

'60 Minutes' Airs Obama, Romney Interviews

GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney insisted his campaign doesn't need a turnaround, despite serious missteps recently. President Obama defended his handling of the economy and the nation's worst recession in decades.

Women Head For The Hill In Record Numbers

More women are running for Congress than ever before. This year may be the product of a unique political climate, but is a broader change on the way?
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District Court Strikes Down Campaign Disclosure Rules

Rep. Chris Van Hollen is seeking other options around a court ruling that struck down his effort challenging campaign disclosure rules.


Doubts Creep In GOP Stronghold In Va.

Winchester, Va., is predominantly Republican, and the surrounding county favored John McCain in the 2008 presidential election. But it's part of a state where public opinion appears to increasingly favor Democrats. Guest host Linda Wertheimer reports on the political landscape.

Candidates Banter Over The Best Side Of The Beltway

President Obama and Mitt Romney seem to have switched places in recent days. The incumbent president is promising to change Washington from the outside. Meanwhile, Romney, who made his fortune turning businesses around, says he wants to work within the existing political system.