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McGovern Campaign Marked Beginning Of Direct Mail

All this week, we're looking at the political tools presidential campaigns bring out in election years. Today, Audie Cornish speaks with two pioneers of direct mail. Morris Dees was the force behind the direct mail efforts of Senator George McGovern's campaign in 1971-1972. The campaign brought in millions thanks to hundreds of thousands of small donors reached through direct mail. We also hear from Richard Viguerie, who has been nicknamed a "funding father" of the conservative movement. He was a pioneer of the donor list, which is considered gold to campaigns today.

Politics Runs In The Family Of DNC Keynote Speaker

Democrats have chosen Julian Castro, the mayor of San Antonio, Texas, to give the keynote address at the upcoming Democratic National Convention. It marks a first for Hispanics.

President Obama Goes After Romney's Tax Plan

President Obama campaigned in Ohio on Wednesday. He ripped into the tax proposals of his Republican rival Mitt Romney and said they would tax lower income people to pay for tax breaks for the wealthy. Ari Shapiro talks to Audie Cornish.
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Part 4: Morale Of Federal Workers Fluctuates As Cuts Loom

Federal employees have expressed frustration at the prospect of doing their jobs on diminished budgets, but workers are not uniformly opposed to looming federal cuts, and some even welcome the debate.


In Ohio, Obama Seeks Middle-Class Mantle Romney's Team Would Deny Him

Campaigning in Ohio, President Obama leaned heavily on a new analysis of Mitt Romney's economic plan that concluded the Republican's proposal would mean higher taxes for middle-class families while lowering them for the superwealthy.

Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day Brings Out Supportive Crowds

The call from Mike Huckabee and other conservatives to show support for the fast-food chain's president after he came under fire for his stand against same-sex marriage has been heard by many. Counter events are planned for Friday.

South Carolina Gov. Haley's Husband Deploying To Afghanistan

Michael Haley is a first lieutenant in the South Carolina National Guard. He's the first gubernatorial spouse to be heading into the combat zones of either Iraq or Afghanistan, officials say.