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Did Ohio Gov. Kasich Hurt His Prospects In Backing Controversial Labor Law?

A new map allows you to compare results from Ohio's 2010 gubernatorial race to results from Tuesday's election. Look to see how counties that went big for Gov. John Kasich in 2010 felt about the controversial collective bargaining law passed this year.

GOP Michigan Debate: Auto Industry, Herman Cain Likely Topics

When the Republican presidential candidates meet Wednesday evening in Michigan for their ninth debate (it feels like there've been many more than that) the main topic up for discussion is supposed to be the economy. But is there anyone who expects that the travails of Herman Cain won't be a subtopic?

Cain Donors Stand By Their Man For Now

NPR spoke with nearly two dozen Herman Cain campaign donors. Most say they don't believe the sexual harassment accusations and that they will consider giving more money to his campaign; two said they already had. But others are wavering, ever so slightly.
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Schapiro: GOP Control Not A Rubber Stamp For Gov. McDonnell

bob mcdonnell

Richard Schapiro, political columnist for the Richmond Times-Dispatch, says that things might not go smoothly for Governor Bob McDonnell, even if Republicans officially win a majority in the state senate.


Ariz. Anti-Illegal Immigration Champion Loses Recall

The architect of Arizona's strict anti-immigration law has lost a recall election. State Senate president Russell Pearce lost to a fellow Republican.

Democrats Emboldened By Tuesday Elections

NPR's Mara Liasson talks to Guy Raz about Tuesday's elections — and what they might mean for the 2012 campaign. Democrats are feeling emboldened by their wins in Mississippi and Ohio, but there's still no evidence they've reversed the wave of 2010.