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Presidential Debates: The One Area Where Campaigns Pitch Their Weakness

An oddity of presidential politics is that candidates and their campaigns spend nearly all their time telling voters how superior they are to their rivals in virtually every area: the wisdom of their policy proposals; the soundness of their judgments — everything, really. Except for debating.

Secrets Of Winning The Presidential Debates

For President Obama and Mitt Romney, voter reaction to their first debate may be less about what they say and more about how they say it (and how they look, sound and gesture). That's what experts in body language, fashion, even makeup said when asked for their unsolicited advice to the candidates.

It's All Politics, Sept. 27, 2012

Less than six weeks to go and President Obama seems to have opened up a lead in key battleground states. Mitt Romney's best hope could be in the debates, which begin next week. Also to no one's surprise — and Sen. Claire McCaskill's delight — Todd Akin stays in the Missouri Senate race.
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Analysis: Pepco's Union Dispute, Ethics Challenges In Maryland, Virginia

Washigton Post's Robert McCartney talks about Pepco's ongoing labor dispute and the ethics challenges to Rep. Roscoe Bartlett and Loudoun County supervisor Eugene Delgaudio.

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Analysis: Obama And Romney Campaign In Virginia

David Hawkings talks about the latest in Obama and Romney's campaigning, and what absentee voting in Virginia could mean for the race.

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Chris Van Hollen Preps Biden For Debates

Vice President Joe Biden is getting a little help from Maryland Rep. Chris Van Hollen in getting a leg up in the upcoming debates.


Obama, Romney Mine For Swing Voters In Ohio

Undecided voters in Ohio got a lot of attention this week from President Obama and GOP rival Mitt Romney. Coal may be the key to many swing voters in the Buckeye State, which remains a top coal producer.

With Senate Control At Stake, Key Wis. Race Tightens

The seat that Republican former Gov. Tommy Thompson and Democratic Rep. Tammy Baldwin are vying for is one of many that Democrats are defending in November. Early polls showed Thompson might easily flip the seat for the GOP, but he's now trailing.