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Romney's 2011 Tax Return Gives More Fodder To Critics Who Already Had Surplus

Mitt Romney's release Friday of his 2011 tax return and a summary of his tax rate over 20 years gave friends and foes alike something to grab hold of. But not all his allies greeted the move.

In Wisconsin, Political Circus Leaves Voters Wounded

Emotions are still raw in Wisconsin after the bitter fight over public unions and the unsuccessful vote to recall Gov. Scott Walker. As the presidential election approaches, many people are deeply pained by the divide between political extremes, and wishing they felt better about this race.

Obama, Ryan AARP Appearances Show Politics' Third Rail Is Still Charged

President Obama demonstrated that he intends to cut Republican challenger Mitt Romney no slack for his "47 percent" comment. He told AARP members that "Medicare and Social Security are not handouts." Meanwhile, Rep. Paul Ryan said critics of the Republican ticket's proposals are misleading seniors.

Republicans Face Uphill Battle To Take Over Senate

Just a few months ago, most observers believed Republicans had a pretty decent chance to take control of the U.S. Senate. Now, that doesn't seem as likely.

Obama, Ryan Talk Medicare At AARP Convention

President Barack Obama and Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan addressed the annual AARP convention in New Orleans on Friday.

Fact-Checking Obama And Ryan Speeches To AARP

Both President Barack Obama and Republican vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan presented their visions for Medicare to the nation's most influential lobbying group for the elderly on Friday. Julie Rovner has parsed their remarks and joins Audie Cornish to provide some context.

GOP Senate Takeover Hopes Dim, But Too Early To Put On Ice

Republican dreams of taking control of the U.S. Senate in November have been declared all but dead over the past several days by prognosticators pointing to trouble facing the party in unexpected places. But a noted analyst of Senate races says much could change between now and Election Day.