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Clean-Tech Industry Facing Lean Times After Solyndra

The once-booming clean-tech industry is facing hard times, in part because of cheaper natural gas, the effects of the financial crisis, China's growing solar industry and the Solyndra bankruptcy. Reporter Juliet Eilperin, who covers the industry's struggles in Wired's February issue, explains.

Trump's Announcement Set For Midafternoon: Gingrich? Romney?

The never-shy reality TV star/real estate mogul says he has something big to say. Early reports were he would endorse Newt Gingrich's bid for the White House. Now there's word he might endorse Mitt Romney.

Obama Campaign Tries To One (Million) Up Romney's 'One-Term' Cash Effort

Coming off its huge victory in the Florida Republican presidential primary Tuesday, Mitt Romney's campaign announced a new fundraising effort, a "One-Term Fund" to raise $1 million to defeat President Obama. Not to be outdone, Obama's campaign established a "Two-Term Fund" to double the Romney campaign's goal.
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Federal Worker Pay Freeze Passes House

The U.S. House passed a bill Wednesday that would freeze federal workers' pay for the next year. 


Controversial Voter ID Laws Proposed Across The U.S.

More than two dozens states this year are considering new laws to require voters to show ID at the polls, despite the controversy around similar bills enacted last year. Efforts are under way to impose the requirements before the 2012 elections, although opponents are waging legal challenges and looking toward the U.S. Justice Department to bar implementation.

Romney Tries To Dig Out From 'Poor' Comment

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney likely planned to spend Wednesday basking in the glow of his victory in Tuesday's Florida primary. Instead, he struggled to explain his comment that he's "not concerned about the very poor." The comment was made in an interview on CNN. Critics on the left and the right pounced.

Sour Economy Has Nevada Looking For New Jackpot

The recession has been particularly cruel in Nevada. The state has the nation's highest unemployment rate and highest foreclosure rate. That's made the state's budget situation difficult, to say the least. Now Nevada hopes to broaden its tax base beyond the mainstays of tourism and gambling.

Obama Outlines Fresh Mortgage Refinancing Plan

President Obama is trying again to revive the nation's housing market. Past efforts have come up short, and this one faces long odds in Congress. On Wednesday, he outlined a program designed to make it easier for homeowners to refinance into cheaper mortgages.

Report Blames ATF Agents For Botched Gun-Trafficking Operation

The report by congressional Republicans says ATF agents and supervisors should have realized two targets of their criminal case along the Southwest border had already been under investigation by the DEA and the FBI. It comes the same day the attorney general faces questions on Capitol Hill about the debacle.