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Gay GOP Candidate Reveals Closeted History

Mitt Romney may have the GOP nomination all sewn up. But he'll have to get past Fred Karger in tomorrow's California primary. Karger is Republican, and he's also the first openly gay candidate to run for president from either major party. He speaks with host Michel Martin about his campaign and his struggle to come out.

Big Money: Stuffing The Ballot Box?

In the era of superPACs, political parties and candidates seem to be the last players in the system who must abide by limits on fundraising and spending. Some observers say it's time to get rid of campaign contribution limits, but others worry that would open the door only wider to corruption.

Wisconsin Recall Is Just One Of Many Highlights Of Big Tuesday Campaign Day

A big day of politics on Tuesday, led by the effort to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker in Wisconsin. Only two governors have been recalled in U.S. history.

Analysts Try To Define Romney's Foreign Policy

Now that Mitt Romney is lined up to capture the GOP presidential nomination, his policies are coming under closer scrutiny. When it comes to the foreign policy arena, analysts say the Republican candidate needs to better define himself, and show that he has better strategies than President Obama.

Bill Clinton Campaigns As Obama's No. 1 Surrogate

Former President Clinton and President Obama had a famously rocky relationship. But the days when Clinton tried to help his wife, now secretary of state, defeat Obama in the 2008 primaries are ancient history. Now, for better or worse, Clinton is Obama's highest-profile advocate.

Wis. Recall: A Trial Run For The Presidential Race

The vote Tuesday to recall Republican Gov. Scott Walker is being called the important race next to the presidential race this year. The major issues in the race — spending cuts and collective bargaining rights — have wider national implications.