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Hurricane Sandy And The 2012 Presidential Election

Hurricane Sandy has disrupted lives up and down the East Coast. Diane and her guests discuss the storm's impact and possible effects on the 2012 presidential election.


Memorable Moments From Political Conventions Past

While many voters complain that modern political conventions offer little more than over-scripted political theater, most nominating conventions provide a handful of moments to remember. NPR's Political Junkie Ken Rudin takes a look back at highlights from political conventions throughout history.
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Gray To Push Campaign Finance Reform Proposal

Later today, Mayor Gray and D.C. Attorney General Irv Nathan are rolling out what they call a 'pay-to-play prohibition,' which would bar city contractors from making donations to D.C. officials and address other noted loopholes.


Live Blog: Tuesday At The GOP Convention

Updates from the scene as Republicans gather in Tampa for their 2012 national convention.

Before Big Speech, Ann Romney Wins Raves — With Tiny Cakes

Ann Romney's address to the Republican National Convention tonight is meant to humanize her husband, Mitt, and chip away at his "likability gap" with President Obama. So how does she relieve the pressure? By baking her grandmother's Welsh cakes for the press corps.

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Analysis: D.C. Delegates Differ From Many At Convention

D.C. GOP chairman Bob Kabel talks about his party's battle to get D.C. represented in Congress, its support for marriage equality and how it feels to be at the convention surrounded by so many Republicans for a change.

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Tampa City Council Chairman Charlie Miranda

Long-time city council member Charlie Miranda talks about growing up in Tampa, Fla., and helping the city face today's challenges.

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Election 2012: The Latino Vote

We speak to Republican delegates from Maryland and Virginia about the party's challenges in wooing Hispanic voters and where they feel Republicans may actually have an advantage.

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Voting Laws And The 2012 Presidential Race

With the election just eight weeks away, federal and state courts have handed down conflicting decisions on voter ID, early voting and provisional ballots. What the decisions could mean for the outcome of the 2012 presidential election.