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Obama & Romney: 'Corporate Executive' Vs. The 'Government Professor'

President Obama and his Republican challenger, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, faced each other tonight in the first of three scheduled presidential debates. There weren't many zingers. There were lots of numbers. And many claims and counterclaims.


Paul Ryan Says TV And Politics Don't Always Mix. Does He Have A Point?

Responding to calls that the Republican presidential ticket provide more detail about some of its policy proposals, vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan says TV isn't always the right medium for such specifics. And a spokesman for Mitt Romney says tonight's debate also has its limits.

Here's Where To Get Your 'Fact Checks' During And After Tonight's Debate

Watchdogs will be paying close attention to what President Obama and Mitt Romney say. There are several outlets to choose from if you want to see what the fact checkers are saying.

GOP Seizes On Shifting Accounts Of Libya Attack

When the Libyan consulate was attacked and the American ambassador killed, the immediate word from the administration was that the strike was a spontaneous reaction to a controversial film. In the immediate aftermath, Republican challenger Mitt Romney harshly criticized the Obama administration and soon found himself at the center of controversy. In the weeks since, however, the administration story has evolved and now a congressional hearing on the matter is scheduled for next week.

Romney, Obama Have Parallel Points On The Economy

President Obama and Mitt Romney both have plans to rebuild America's economy. They talk about them on the stump every day, but they sound surprisingly similar for two men who disagree about so much.

2012 Already A Record Year For Political Ads

A new analysis shows that the Obama campaign continues to have superiority over the Romney campaign and its allies when it comes to TV ads. The report also finds that political ads are the most negative since 2000, and that the leading advertiser in congressional races is Karl Rove's tax-exempt group Crossroads GPS.

Stage Set For First Presidential Debate In Denver

Mara Liasson joins Audie Cornish from Denver to talk about Wednesday's presidential debate and the stakes for the candidates.

'Uncovered' 2007 Obama Video Not That New After All

Fox News and other conservative media outlets claimed to have a scoop on Tuesday they called "Obama's other race speech." The tape that was supposed to turn this election around, however, was documented and reported on in 2007 by the very same news outlets.