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Moderate Republicans Lost In GOP's Official Platform

Two moderate Republicans — former congressmen Mike Castle of Delaware and Tom Davis of Virginia — wonder whether that wing of their party can survive. In years past the party had a component referred to as "Rockefeller Republicans" — named after former Vice President Nelson Rockefeller. The group tended to work well with middle of the road Democrats.

In Iowa Ad War, It's Heartstrings Vs. Heartstrings

The TV ad war in a newly redrawn and hotly contested Iowa congressional district has begun, and it pits Republican Rep. Steve King's story of overcoming personal adversity against Democrat Christie Vilsack's story of ... overcoming personal adversity.

Republican 'Party' Takes On New Meaning At RNC

Nominating the presidential and vice-presidential candidates is just part of the business conducted at a party convention. Delegates and guests also spend time attending workshops and policy sessions. And then there's the partying — lots of partying.

Some Gay Republicans See Platform Setback As Sign 'Victory Is Near'

Republicans have strong language opposing same-sex marriage in their official platform. While some Log Cabin Republicans are discouraged, others think the vehement opposition they are facing is a sign they're making progress.


GOP Convention Switches On Web Appeal For Isaac Relief

The storm continues to pound much of the Gulf Coast, and convention organizers continue to try to show they can combine politicking, partying and showing concern.