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Liasson, Dionne, Continetti Discuss N.H. Primary

Melissa Block talks about the New Hampshire primary to NPR's Mara Liasson. She also talks to our political commentators E.J. Dionne, of the Washington Post and Brookings Institution, and Matthew Continetti, opinion editor of The Weekly Standard, about the results of the New Hampshire primary.
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The Hill: Jack Lew As Chief Of Staff, OMB Appointment, GOP Attacks On Romney

While GOP candidates in New Hampshire take Mitt Romney to task for his record, former OMB Director Jack Lew receives high praise in his new role as President Obama's Chief of Staff.

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May 15 Is Likely Date For D.C. Special Election

The likely date for a special election to replace Harry Thomas Jr. as the Ward 5 councilmember in D.C. is May 15, pending a decision by the District's Board of Elections.


Romney Wins N.H. Primary; Paul Takes Second Place

It's just the first Republican primary. But a convincing win in New Hampshire should give Mitt Romney considerable momentum in his quest toward the GOP nomination. Romney easily captured New Hampshire a week after barely winning the Iowa caucuses. Texas Rep. Ron Paul finished second.

Pew's Kohut Discusses Exit Polling

Melissa Block talks with Andy Kohut of the Pew Research Center about New Hampshire primary exit polling.
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O'Malley Will Put More Money Aside For School Construction

Maryland's General Assembly is back in session on Wednesday, and Governor Martin O'Malley has made increased funding for school construction projects a priority.


Don't Get Your Hopes Up Over This Political Coverage

Pundits, reporters and campaigns have put a lot of energy into setting expectations for the candidates' performances. But playing the expectations game doesn't always land you on top or, for that matter, anywhere at all.

N.H. Voters Reveal Late Choices And Decry 'Angry Birds' Volatility Of Race

As they left polling places Tuesday afternoon, many voters revealed they'd made up their minds in the last days of the race.
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ACLU Sides With Perry, Gingrich On Va. Ballot Issue

The ACLU has filed a friend-of-the-court brief challenging the ballot requirements in Virginia that kept four major GOP candidates out of the running in thte commonwealth.