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Romney's Not Alone In Stumbling Over 'Next President' Line

Mitt Romney's flub as he introduced Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as his running mate sparked a flurry of tweets. And it also echoed Barack Obama's flub in 2008, when he introduced Joe Biden as "the next president."
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Biden To Tour Virginia Battleground States

Vice President Joe Biden is scheduled to tour several Virginia cities on Tuesday and Wednesday.


Ryan Boosts Romney's Conservative Credentials, But Also Mobilizes Opponents

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney discarded his increasingly inert better-safe-than-sorry campaign strategy Saturday when he named budget hawk and Democratic bete noire Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his running mate. But the pick has handed Democrats a trove of material to use in an effort to weaken the GOP ticket's appeal among independent voters, women and senior citizens.

Transcript: Romney Names Ryan As Running Mate

Read and listen to GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's remarks announcing his selection of Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan as his choice for vice president.

Transcript: Ryan Makes First Remarks As VP Choice

Read and listen to Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan's remarks after being announced as GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's running mate.

Running Mate Scorecard: Ups And Downs Since 1964

In Political Junkie Ken Rudin's view, not since Jack Kennedy picked Lyndon Johnson has the choice of a running mate truly affected the outcome in November. The record for subsequent No. 2s is a bit mixed. Here's a scorecard.

How Paul Ryan's Budget Affects Health Care

When you talk about the federal budget, you have to talk about health care and Medicare and social security. All three topics are tied to Rep. Paul Ryan, who has spent recent years advancing bold and controversial proposals to deal with them. Weekend Edition Saturday guest host Linda Wertheimer speaks with NPR's Julie Rovner about what the Ryan budget would do.

5 Vice Presidential Picks Who Were Key To Victory

It's too early to know what kind of a difference Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan will make to the GOP ticket. Still, there have been choices who have proved crucial. Here, the top five from the last half-century or so.

What Does The GOP Think Of Their Ticket?

Weekend Edition Saturday guest host Linda Wertheimer has GOP Reaction to the VP announcement.