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Movie Review: 'The Ides of March'

A political thriller, The Ides of March, opens Friday. That's one week before the ides of October — and a few months before the first presidential primaries.

Romney Calls For A Bigger, Stronger Military

In a speech at The Citadel on Friday, the former Massachusetts governor known more for his business acumen than his foreign-policy experience said he wants to increase the military budget. A weaker military and a smaller global footprint, he argued, will compromise America's leadership in the world.

A Look At The Values Voter Summit

Melissa Block talks to NPR's Don Gonyea. He reports from the Values Voter Summit, a conference of social conservatives.

Week In Politics: Occupy Wall Street; Jobs Bill; Republican Presidential Field

Guy Raz speaks with our regular political commentators E.J. Dionne, of the Washington Post and Brookings Institution, and David Brooks, of the New York Times.

Jobs Report Better Than Expected

Employers added 103,000 jobs in September, a stronger pace of hiring than expected. The Labor Department report is likely to ease fears that the economy is quickly hurtling toward another recession. But the jobless rate remained stuck at 9.1 percent. Hiring must pick up substantially for optimism and hope to return to the economy.
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WaPo's McCartney: Redistricting In Va. And Md., Battle Over Transit Board Seats

Democrats in Maryland are trying to gerrymander districts to expand their control of House seats in the state, and in Virginia, the governor is sparring with counties over seats on the transit board.


Is Human Violence On The Wane?

Considering the Norway shootings, drug wars in Mexico and ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, this era may seem as violent as any. But as Harvard psychologist Steven Pinker argues in his book The Better Angels of Our Nature, this may actually be the most peaceable period in human history.

One Term, Or Two? Obama Faces Season Of Doubt

There is in the American air — some 13 months away from the 2012 election — a whiff of suggestion that Obama might not be re-elected. Or re-electable. Past presidents have weathered stormier times, but when you hit bottom matters.