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Week In Politics: Spending Showdown, GOP Primary

David Greene talks with NPR's Cokie Roberts about the week in politics, including the possibility of a government shutdown on Friday.

Voters May Face Slower Lines In 2012 Elections

Facing cutbacks, election offices across the country are making tough decisions, such as trimming the number of voting sites and shortening the number of days for early voting. Doug Lewis, who runs The Election Center, says that at the very least, voters should be prepared for slower lines in 2012.
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Gray Withdraws Mallett Nomination

Mayor Vincent Gray withdrew his nomination of Robert Mallett to be chairman of the Board of Elections and Ethics because he fails to meet a three-year residency requirement.


Herman Cain Takes Florida Straw Poll By Surprise

Businessman and former radio talk show host Herman Cain pulled off an upset Saturday. He came in first in the Florida straw poll, handily beating both Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. It's a big victory for a candidate who, up to now, has drawn little media attention and placed fifth or sixth in many national polls. Host Audie Cornish talks with NPR's Greg Allen about whether this marks a change in the Republican presidential nominating contest.

Sen. Lamar Alexander Plays The 'Tennessee Waltz'

Three years ago, Sen. Lamar Alexander sat down with Audie Cornish to talk politics for a bit. The main reason for his visit, however, was to show off his piano prowess, playing the Tennessee Waltz among other tunes.

Without Dealmakers, Can Congress Compromise?

Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander, a seasoned dealmaker in the Senate, announced his intention to step down from a key leadership role this week. It has prompted a question going around Washington: Are the best deal-brokers giving up?

In Upset, Herman Cain Comes Out On Top Of Florida Straw Poll

The former Godfather's Pizza CEO easily beat Rick Perry and Mitt Romney. It's a big victory for Cain, who up until now has not gotten a lot of attention in the race for the GOP presidential nomination, in large part because of his standing in the polls.