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The GOP's 'Meh' Moment On Full Display At Conservative Confab

If the opening day of the American Conservative Union's annual star-studded CPAC convention is any indication, the Republican presidential hopefuls all have a lot of persuading to do.
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Virginia Tries Again To Kill King's Dominion Law

Legislators in Virginia are trying again to take down the King's Dominion law, which prevents schools from opening before Labor Day unless they submit weather excemptions.


Bishops Stand Strong Against Birth Control Mandate

The White House and American Catholic bishops are at a stalemate over a rule requiring many religious organizations to provide insurance coverage for contraception. "If the argument is over religious liberty," says one scholar, "the bishops win. If the argument is over contraceptives, the administration wins."

Insider Trading Bills Take Aim At Congress

The House of Representatives approved a bill to limit the ability of members of Congress to gain financially from information they acquire because of their positions. The Senate passed its version last week, and most members agree the bill is necessary this election year.

CPAC Conference A Stage For Presidential Contenders

The annual Conservative Political Action Conference began Thursday in Washington, D.C. Several former presidential candidates were among the speakers. Host Audie Cornish talks with Ari Shapiro, who was at the conference.