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Perry Takes Hard Line On Environmental Issues

Texas Gov. Rick Perry is taking a hard line on the campaign trail when it comes to the environment. He has dismissed global warming and climate change. The Perry administration in Texas has a long record of going after the Environmental Protection Agency.

In GOP Debate, Candidates Likely To Focus On Perry

On Wednesday at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in California, the leading Republican candidates for president will meet for a debate. It's the first featuring newly minted frontrunner Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

Jonathan Chait: Obama's Critics On Left Misguided

President Obama is under fire from many in the Democratic base, from environmentalists to big labor. Jonathan Chait, senior editor of The New Republic, argues that many of the president's concessions to Republicans were paired with programs actually supported by the left.

Maine Senator Postpones Potato Nutrition Battle, For Now

All year, a fight has been raging over the potato's proper role in school lunch and breakfast programs. Potato industry lobbyists and senators from potato-growing states are fighting efforts to limit spuds' appearances in the lunch line.
Thursday, September 8, 2011

President Obama's Address to a Joint Session of Congress

President Obama will address a joint session of Congress to talk about his jobs creation plan. NPR will provide live coverage of his remarks.


Three Attacks Perry Could Face At GOP Debate

With Gov. Rick Perry scheduled to participate in his first GOP presidential debate Wednesday night, his opponents may find some lines of attack by studying his past debates from Texas. Why the new front-runner could be vulnerable on a cancer vaccine, a failed transportation plan and "crony capitalism."