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Weary Wis. Union Workers Face Another Campaign

In the lakeside city of Oshkosh, a group of union workers say they're tired but ready to keep fighting. They've been through months of bitter battles over state employees' collective-bargaining rights — including a failed attempt to recall Gov. Scott Walker.

Missouri GOP Senate Candidate's Remarks On Rape Stir Controversy

Missouri Congressman Todd Akin, who's challenging Democrat Claire McCaskill for the U.S. Senate seat, said it's "rare" for women to become pregnant when they are raped. The Romney campaign distanced itself from the remarks.

Ryan's Taxes Show Gap Between Romney And The Not-So-Rich

Mitt Romney's campaign hoped to close the book on tax questions when running mate Paul Ryan released two years of tax returns. Not quite. In reality, the differences between Romney and Ryan's taxes helps propel the debate further.
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Fairfax Voters To Determine Fate Of Floodwall

Voters in Fairfax County will determine the fate of a $30 million floodwall to protect one neighborhood along Cameron Run frequently hit by major floods.

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Maryland Lawmakers Begin Talks On State's Utility Issues

Maryland lawmakers will hold the first statewide roundtable discussion this week on the reliability and resiliency of the state's electrical distribution system.


For The First Time, No WASPs This Election

Weekend Edition Sunday guest host Linda Wertheimer talks to Stephen Prothero, professor of American religion at Boston University, about how this year's presidential race is the first ever without a white Protestant running for the White House.

Tax Debate Continues: Who Do Cuts Hurt And Help?

Weekend Edition Sunday guest host Linda Wertheimer talks to economist Christina Romer about the debate over taxes and the question of whether cutting them would be a boon or bane to the economy.