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Political Math: Social Security Cuts Don't Add Up

Lowering payments to Social Security recipients would help slash budget deficits and even reduce wealth inequality. But there's little support among Democrats or Republicans, the young or the old for cutting the safety net.
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Democrats Lose Key Races In Virginia

Virginia's Democrats are likely to have a tougher time pushing their agenda in Richmond after some key state senate races appear to have gone to Republicans.


Mississippi Voters Reject 'Personhood' Measure

Voters in Mississippi have rejected an amendment that would have made it the first state to declare as part of its constitution that life begins at fertilization. As recently as a few weeks ago, the so-called personhood amendment was considered almost certain to pass.

Ohio Voters Repeal Collective Bargaining Law

Voters in Ohio have defeated a new law that limits the collective bargaining rights of unionized public workers. Since the law hadn't taken effect yet, current union rules will remain in place. Ohio voters hope their outcome will send a message to other states considering similar laws.

Cain To Defend Against Harassment Allegations

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain responded to accusations of sexual harassment at a news conference in Scottsdale, Ariz., Tuesday. Cain say he has "never acted inappropriately with anyone."