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Congress Nearing Compromise On Transportation Bill

Area lawmakers seem convinced they can reach a compromise on a national transportation bill before the current program expires at the end of this week.


Tentative Deal On Transportation Reached

House and Senate negotiators are said to have reached a deal to fund highway projects for the next two years. The latest temporary highway bill extension is set to expire Saturday, and for weeks negotiators have been trying to smooth out the differences between House and Senate versions.

Romney Gets No Relief On Outsourcing Story

Mitt Romney's campaign got no satisfaction from The Washington Post. The newspaper refused to retract a piece that tied the Republican presidential candidate to the outsourcing of U.S. jobs overseas when he ran Bain Capital.

Some Democrats To Skip Obama's Renomination Party

This year's Democratic National Convention has already shrunk by a day. Now it appears the attendance for the event is shrinking, too. At least a dozen prominent Democrats say they won't be able to make it. All are facing tough election campaigns in places where President Obama's popularity lags.
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Ahmadiyya Muslim Leader Visits Capitol Hill

Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the spiritual leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, spoke with leaders on Capitol Hill Wednesday about his community's push for peace across the globe.


Influx Of Puerto Ricans Changes Fla.'s Voter Calculus

There are now almost as many Puerto Ricans in Florida as Cubans. And around Orlando, there are far more. Puerto Ricans tend to vote Democratic, but local Republicans are doing what they can to cut into the Democrats' margin.

Translating The Veepstakes

The road to the vice presidency, history shows, is paved with feigned disinterest. As one analyst puts it: "Everyone says 'no' publicly, but nobody says 'no' when they're actually asked." And there are all sorts of variations on the "no" that really mean "maybe." Here's a brief guide.