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Are There Workarounds For Wikipedia's Blackout?

Wikipedia may have shut down its English language site for the day on Wednesday, but people are still finding ways to access its content. Robert Siegel talks to Brian Cooley, editor at large at CNET, about various workarounds for Wikipedia users.

Congress Backs Off Anti-Web-Piracy Bill

Congress was poised to pass a bill restricting Internet transfer of copyrighted material but now seems to be backing off.

Ahead Of Primary, Romney Campaigns In S.C.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney campaigned in South Carolina Wednesday, just days ahead of Saturday's primary. Audie Cornish talks with NPR's Scott Horsley for more.

McCain's 2008 Anti-Mitt Romney Oppo Research Raised 2012 Themes

There are no bombshells and much of the "oppo" is, like much of the genre, a compilation of items from news sources. Still, the document is useful because it demonstrates how little the arguments against Romney have changed from four years ago.
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GovExec: Obama's Proposed Reorganization Of Federal Agencies

President Obama is asking Congress for the authority to reorganize six federal agencies -- if granted the approval, as many as 2,000 federal jobs could be eliminated.

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Cuccinelli Reaches Settlement With Fraudulent Fundraiser

A settlement has been reached with a company that solicited funds for a fraudulent group making campaign donations to the candidacy of Virginia's attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli.


Previewing Three 2012 Senate Races To Watch

Just a few seats could determine which party controls the Senate in 2013. The races in Massachusetts, Virginia and Montana — all considered tossups — are drawing particular national attention. NPR's Ken Rudin previews those races with reporters from each state.