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Anne Arundel County Executive Under Investigation

In Maryland, Anne Arundel County Executive John Leopold is under investigation for using his police security detail to campaign, including picking up campaign checks and removing an opponent's yard signs.

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Congressional Committee Will Investigate Sulaimon Brown Allegations

A House congressional committee will formally investigate the allegations made by Sulaimon Brown. The former D.C. mayoral candidate claims he was paid cash and promised a job by the Gray campaign to criticize then Mayor Adrian Fenty during the race.

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Former Executive Jack Johnson Maintains His Innocence

Former Prince George's County Executive Jack Johnson is facing charges that include eight counts of extortion, bribery and conspiracy. However, Johnson says the corruption charges are untrue.

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Redistricting Commission Hears From N. Va. Residents

In Virginia, the governor's bipartisan redistricting commission is getting closer to issuing its final report before state lawmakers reconvene to begin the process in earnest.

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Power Breakfast: The Nuclear Industry Discussed At Capitol Hill

A Geiger Counter is a device that measures exposure to radiation. Imagine if such a device were able to measure the presence and concentration of nuclear industry lobbyists within, say, a Congressional office building. If there were such a thing - it'd be reading off the charts right now.

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O'Malley Heads To Capitol Hill To Pitch For Funds

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley headed to Capitol Hill to present his federal funding wish list. Transportation funding topped the governor's list.