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On Campaign Trail, Which Dark Horse Racing Ahead?

GOP presidential hopefuls Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich are battling for the lead as they approach the Iowa caucuses in 2012. But Iowa has historically boosted dark horse candidates. Host Michel Martin discusses the latest political news with former Obama administration staff member Corey Ealons and GOP strategist Ron Christie.
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FBI Searches Harry Thomas Jr.'s Home

Federal authorities searched the home of D.C. council member Harry Thomas Jr. Friday morning, confiscating several items, including a Chevy Tahoe and a motorcycle. Thomas was accused earlier this year of spending $300,000 of city money for his own use.

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Northern Va. Dems Fighting New Eminent Domain Law

Democrats in Northern Virginia are hoping to derail an amendment to the state constitution that would limit eminent domain, but it's likely to be a tough fight.


Obama's Hope: A Younger, More Diverse Electorate

The young, educated and ethnically diverse voters that make up some of President Obama's key constituencies will be a bigger percentage of the electorate in 2012. But this demographic shift may not be enough to compensate for the president's dwindling approval ratings.

Senate Approves Sanctions On Iran

In a clear rebuff to the Obama administration, the Senate approved a defense bill amendment for tough sanctions targeting the Central Bank of Iran. Administration officials are warning that the measures could undermine international cooperation against Iran.
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Pew Study Shows Rise In Religious Lobbying

Maureen Fiedler of Interfaith Voices interviews Allen Hertzke about a Pew Forum report on the fivefold increase in the amount of money being spent by religious groups on lobbying in Washington since 1970.


GOP Candidates Step Up Attacks On Each Other

As the contests in Iowa and New Hampshire near, the Republican presidential hopefuls are no longer keeping their sniping focused on President Obama. In the past few days, the contenders have shown themselves to be ready to fight each other.