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'Now It's Our Turn': The Democratic National Convention Kicks Off In Charlotte

Democrats promised to layout a road map for getting the economy back on track by building it "from the middle out" and not from the "top down."
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Ballot Box Battles: Same-Sex Marriage

A ballot initiative will decide the fate of Maryland's new same-sex marriage law this fall. We get some perspective from those involved with the issue in North Carolina, where same-sex marriage was banned after a vote earlier this year.


N.C. Swing County Could Help Decide Fall Election

Steve Inskeep talks to Harold Weinbrecht, Democratic mayor of Cary, N.C., about voters concerns there. Cary is in Wake County, a swing county in North Carolina, which could decide which way the state goes in November. Cary is white, affluent and highly educated.

In Convention Run-Up, Obama Targets Three States

The president spent much of Labor Day weekend stumping in Colorado, Iowa and Ohio — battleground states that open early voting soon.


Fears About Shariah Law Take Hold In Tennessee

It's getting tougher to be a Republican in some parts of the country while also fully accepting the practice of Islam. In Tennessee, an incumbent in the U.S. House found herself on the defensive after being called soft on Shariah law, the code that guides Muslim beliefs and actions.

Can Obama Supporters Keep 'Hope' Alive?

The Democratic National Convention starts this week, and President Obama faces the challenge of rallying his base to support him in November. But four years ago, his path to secure the nomination wasn't easy either. Host Michel Martin checks back in with four Democrats she spoke with in 2008 to see how their lives and their views have changed.

On Defense In Era Of Anti-Big Government Sentiment

Democrats are balancing on a fine line: Many try to argue that government is part of the solution, while still acknowledging that it can be part of the problem. Their efforts have tended to be overshadowed by a long-running Republican messaging campaign against "big government."

Some In Mo. Still Back Rep. Akin Despite Comments

Todd Akin now trails Sen. Claire McCaskill in the U.S. Senate race, and the GOP establishment is pressing the Republican to quit the contest. But one expert says the controversy will help the congressman more than it hurts him.