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McConnell Says 'Senate Needs To Be Fixed,' Discussing GOP Gains

One day after the GOP took control of Congress, presumptive Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says Republicans are willing to work with President Obama on some issues.

Colorado, Oregon Reject GMO Labeling

Voters in Colorado and Oregon rejected measures to require labels on foods produced with genetic engineering. Meanwhile, voters in Maui, Hawaii, approved a moratorium on GMO crops.

Colorado's Newest Senator, Cory Gardner, On His Agenda

Colorado has a new Senator: Republican Cory Gardner, who defeated incumbent Democrat Sen. Mark Udall. Gardner talks with NPR's Steve Inskeep about his priorities.

Thumbs Up For Higher Minimum Wages, And For Marijuana Industry

Voters in Alaska, Arkansas, Nebraska and South Dakota overwhelmingly approved minimum-wage hikes. Illinois voters approved a nonbinding wage-hike referendum. Recreational pot was approved in Oregon.

Voters In Texas City Approve Ban On Fracking

It's the first time a city in the energy-friendly state has voted to ban hydraulic fracturing. The vote in Denton is likely to face legal challenges.

Sen. Klobuchar Assesses Voters' Message

Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota talks to Steve Inskeep about Tuesday's election results, and where Senate Democrats go from here now that Republicans have won control of the body.

GMO Labeling: Colorado Voters Reject Food Measure; Maui Voters Approve

While more than half of U.S. states have contemplated similar GMO legislation, the only one that has come close to requiring a label is Vermont.

We Need A New Word For The Latest Republican Wave

In 2006, President Bush's Republicans took a "thumpin'." Four years later, President Obama's Democrats saw "a shellacking." So what do you call the damage done to Obama and his party last night?

Republicans Take Control Of U.S. Senate With N.C. Win

The GOP picked up the seats needed to retake control of the Senate and then some — with major victories in North Carolina, Iowa, Colorado and Arkansas. They also added to their margin in the House.

Rep. Schweikert Weighs In On Republican Priorities

Republicans have picked up the seats they need to control the U.S. Senate. They even added to their margin in the U.S. House. David Greene talks to Rep. David Schweikert, a Republican from Arizona.