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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Signs Right-To-Work Bill

His state is the 25th to adopt the measure, which critics say restricts collective bargaining and drives down wages. Walker said the law "sends a powerful message across the country."

Obama Imposes Sanctions On Venezuela, Invoking Emergency Powers

Citing an "erosion of human rights guarantees," President Obama issues an executive order imposing sanctions on members of Venezuela's military and intelligence services.

Politics Roundup: From Iowa To Hillary Clinton's Email Account

Potential Republican presidential candidates showed off in Iowa this weekend, while Hillary Clinton — the presumptive Democratic candidate — dealt with a bubbling controversy over her private email account. A bump in the road? Or is it yet another scandal involving a Clinton?

In Iowa, 2016 Has Begun — At Least For The Republican Party

When it comes to presidential politics, Iowa is where things all get started, long before most people realize the election season has begun. And like it or not, the race is on ... if only on one side.

Clintons Face Scrutiny Ahead Of Hillary's Campaign Announcement

As the country awaits a decision on a possible 2016 presidential run, Hillary and former president Bill Clinton are forced to defend decisions involving donations and Hillary's email practices.

GOP Hopefuls Do A Balancing Act At Ag Summit

A parade of Republican presidential hopefuls took turns blasting the Obama administration but showed their differences on energy subsidies at the Iowa Agriculture Summit in Des Moines Saturday.

How To Oust A House Speaker (Hint: Don't Even Try)

A group of conservative representatives in the House are unhappy with House Speaker John Boehner and they want to replace him. Can they do it?

More Jobs, Less Inflation Drive Down 'Misery' — So Where's The Joy?

With unemployment dropping, the "misery index" is at its lowest level in more than 50 years. So why aren't Americans feeling cheerful? Economists say meager wages and big debts are still problems.

Clinton, White House Play Delicate Dance As Emails Await Release

Questions about Hillary Clinton's reliance on a private email account when she was Secretary of State will dog the likely presidential hopeful — and the administration she worked for — for months.
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In Maryland, Bipartisan Agreement That Mandatory Testing Needs A Moratorium

Bipartisanship was the buzzword at the start of the Maryland General Assembly session this year. But there's one topic where there is actual agreement between Democrats and Republicans: Mandatory testing of students in public schools.