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6 Questions Ahead Of The Trump-Fox Split-Screen 'Squirmish'

Trump commands the spotlight once again as he ditches a Fox News debate. The other cable news networks — which don't have broadcasting rights to the debate — will probably air the Trump event instead.
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Virginia Car-Title Compromise Remains A Work In Progress

Two days after Senate Minority Leader Dick Saslaw outlined a deal he brokered with two car-title lenders that would allow the industry to avoid a regulatory crackdown, several key details have yet to be worked out.

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner Overlooks Budget Crisis In State Of The State Speech

Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner will deliver his state of the state address Wednesday. It comes amidst a budget impasse, partisan fighting and finger pointing over cuts to social services and an underfunded pension fund.

Donald Trump To Skip Fox News Debate Over Megyn Kelly Spat

Donald Trump's stormy relationship with the Fox News Channel took a new turn with The Donald's announcement that he won't participate in the network's GOP debate on Thursday.

Donald Trump Refuses To Attend Debate Less Than A Week Before Iowa

Drama, conflict and uncertainty about how it will all end. That's the state of the presidential race, five days before the first votes are cast in Iowa.

Idealism Vs. Pragmatism: How Style Divides The Democratic Candidates

There are policy differences between the two leading Democratic presidential candidates, but those differences are small compared to the gap in style and tone.

Congress Moves To Tackle Heroin, Prescription Drug Epidemic

What is being done to fight heroin and prescription drug abuse in hard-hit states like New Hampshire? What can Congress do to help? Lawmakers tackle the issue.

After Praising Clinton, Obama Holds 'Informal' Meeting With Bernie Sanders

President Obama had what the White House described as an "informal" meeting with Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. It comes on the heels of Obama lavishing praise on Sanders' opponent Hillary Clinton.

Sanders: Obama Has 'Tried To Be Fair' In Primary Race

Calling a meeting with the president "constructive and productive," Sen. Bernie Sanders said the two also talked about foreign and domestic policy and "a little bit of politics."

Embedded In Des Moines: A 'Times' Reporter's Year Covering The '16 Campaign

New York Times political reporter Trip Gabriel has spent the past year in Iowa, covering the political operations, speeches and rallies leading up to the first vote of the presidential campaign.