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Trump Expected To Win N.Y. Primary; Aims For All 95 Delegates

It's Primary Day in New York, and Donald Trump is looking to leave the other GOP presidential challengers in his dust. David Greene talks to Ed Cox, chairman of the Republican Party in New York.

New York's Primary Could Upend Democratic Race For President

If Bernie Sanders is able to pull off an upset in Tuesday's New York Democratic primary, it could be his best shot at transforming the race and damaging Hillary Clinton's chances for the nomination.

Plenty Of Friction Expected During Obama's Visit To Saudi Arabia

President Obama departs Tuesday for Saudi Arabia, where he'll meet with King Salman and leaders of neighboring states. There's plenty to talk about: Relations have been strained on a number of fronts.

Saudis Threaten Economic Repercussions If Congress Passes 9/11 Bill

As President Obama prepares to leave for Saudi Arabia, there is new controversy surrounding a bill that would effectively give 9/11 families the ability to sue the Saudi government.

Trump Supporters Criticize Delegate Selection Process In Florida

Donald Trump won Florida's primary, but now it's time to select delegates for the national convention. In Florida, delegates are selected by party leaders, and Trump supporters say they're being squeezed out of the delegate selection process.

Mega Rallies Help Fuel Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders Campaigns

The phenomena of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders' candidacies has been captured in huge rallies. The events are staples of their campaigns, providing supporters an outlet for excitement and catharsis.

Many American Independent Party Voters In California Are Mis-Registered

The American Independent Party calls itself "The Fastest Growing Political Party in California," but an investigation by the Los Angeles Times found a majority of voters registered with the AIP may have done so by mistake. NPR's Kelly McEvers talks with John Myers of the Los Angeles Times.
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What Britain’s Potential Exit From The EU Could Mean For Global Markets, The Migrant Crisis And Fighting Terrorism

As President Obama prepares to travel to London, the campaign to persuade British voters to stay in the EU is underway. What the 'Brexit' could mean for global markets and European efforts on the migrant crisis and terrorism.


China Killed 1 Million U.S. Jobs, But Don't Blame Trade Deals

Candidates on the campaign trail have blasted NAFTA and the TPP. But the rhetoric has been wrong, says an MIT economist, noting it's trade with China that's done a number on U.S. manufacturing jobs.

Supreme Court Weighs Obama's Executive Action On Immigration

Twenty-six states are challenging the action, which would grant temporary, quasi-legal status and work permits to as many as 4 million parents who entered the U.S. illegally before 2010.