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Despite Obama's Nevada Advantages, Romney Campaign Betting On State

Obama won easily in 2008, and Democrats have a commanding voter registration lead and ground-game advantages. But despite challenges, some of them attributed to the actions of Ron Paul loyalists, the Romney campaign is relying on an unorthodox strategy to take the Silver State.

Is Early Voting A 'Quiet Revolution?'

Millions of voters across the country could cast their ballots before Election Day. Some experts say early voting could have a disproportionate impact on certain voting blocs. Host Michel Martin discusses the issue with Professor Paul Gronke, founder of the Early Voting Information Center, and Republican strategist Lenny McAllister.

Obama Starts Cross-Country Battleground Tour

With the presidential debates wrapped up, President Obama began a blitz of six battleground states Tuesday.

Romney Rides Momentum To Nevada, Colorado

Republican nominee Mitt Romney campaigned Tuesday in Nevada and Colorado.

Social Conservatives Track Romney's Move To Center

Mitt Romney appeared to shift his position on contraception in the town hall-style presidential debate last week. And his campaign released an ad, stressing Romney's support for abortion rights under limited circumstances. Social conservatives in Iowa weigh in on whether Romney's shifts on these issues trouble them.
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Virginia Lawmakers Want Holder To Investigate Voter Registration Fraud

Three Virginia congressmen are calling for a U.S. Department of Justice probe into allegations of registration fraud in several states, including the commonwealth.


'God Intended' A Pregnancy Caused By Rape, Indiana Candidate Says

Republican Richard Mourdock, who is running for Senate, ignited controversy with his explanation for why he opposes abortion in the case of rape.
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Analysis: No Compromise On Sequester Cuts Close, Despite Obama's Assurance

President Obama sounded confident Monday night that a deal could be struck to avert sequester cuts, but nothing that The Hill's Alex Bolton saw from Congress indicates its likely as yet.