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Transcript: Gov. Chris Christie's Convention Speech

Transcript of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's keynote speech at the Republican National Convention, plus audio and video of the speech.

Transcript: Ann Romney's Convention Speech

Full transcript of Ann Romney's speech as prepared for delivery at the Republican National Convention. Includes audio and video of speech.

'Reasonable Impediment' Clause Becomes Focus Of S.C. Voter ID Law Hearing

At the federal trial over South Carolina's new voter ID law, the state's election director said the law wouldn't disenfranchise anyone. She said a clause in the law could let any would-be voter without an ID cast a provisional ballot, which led to lots of give-and-take with surprised judges.

For One Young Delegate, Social Issues Are Not A Litmus Test

Alexander Reber, 21, was drawn to politics by his home state governor, Virginia's Bob McDonnell. To Reber, education, transportation and infrastructure are the issues that matter most.
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Analysis: RNC Rules Changes Underscore Divisions In GOP

Modern party conventions are a time of unity, but as is often the case, there are divisions under the surface. Alex Bolton of The Hill newspaper explains the tensions underlying some rule changes at the RNC.


Rubio Predicts Romney Will Begin To Dent Likability Gap

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio will introduce Mitt Romney on the final night of the Republican National Convention. He may have provided a preview of his speech on Tuesday, explaining how he expects national perceptions of Romney to change this week.

Delegates From Swing State Ohio Center Stage At RNC

Robert Siegel is in Tampa for the Republican National Convention. On Monday he visited the delegation of a key battleground state, Ohio. It's a very close race there between President Obama and Mitt Romney, but Ohio Republicans feel they have the right team and message to win.

High Profile Names To Speak On RNC's First Full Day

Mara Liasson joins Melissa Block from Tampa to talk about Tuesday's speakers at the Republican national convention. Among them are Mitt Romney's wife Ann, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Rick Santorum.