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Analysis: Virginia Remains A Battleground Going Into Debates

National Journal Hotline's Josh Kraushaah outlines what Virginians will be looking for at the debates and how candidates are doing in the commonwealth. 


Battle Continues On Who Can Vote, And How

A Pennsylvania judge Tuesday blocked the state from moving forward with changes to its voter ID law until after the presidential election. This news comes just days after some suspicious voter registration activity in states like Florida, North Carolina and Nevada. Host Michel Martin discusses voter issues across the country with two reporters.

Should TV Stations Refuse To Air Political Ads That Make False Claims?

The nonpartisan group Free Press is calling on stations to do just that. At the very least, the group says, stations should fact check more. A new study by the group found that stations almost never reject third-party and superPAC ads — and few of them were engaging in serious fact checking.

OMG! A Deb8! What Young People Really Want To Ask Obama And Romney

young voters reaching out to president obama

With young people among the hardest hit by the down economy, NPR wondered what millennials want from tonight's debate. The head of a group of college Republicans poses theoretical questions for President Obama. The president of a chapter of college Democrats fashions questions for Mitt Romney.


History Says, Debate Moments Matter

As President Obama and Mitt Romney finalize preparations for tonight's debate, some historical reminders — thanks to YouTube — of what can go right, and what can go wrong.
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Parties Target Virginia's Swing Voters

Politcal party operatives are more active in some parts of Virginia than others as both Republican and Democrats try to secure undecided voters in certain counties.


On Eve Of First Debate, NPR Poll Shows Romney Within Striking Distance

The latest poll by NPR and its bipartisan polling team shows President Obama with a 7-point lead among likely voters nationally and a nearly identical lead of 6 points in the dozen battleground states where both campaigns are spending most of their time and money. But battleground voters were also more downbeat about the direction of the country.

Colorado Voters Get Revved Up Over Energy Policy

Some voters in the swing state's Larimer County say too much federal regulation is keeping the U.S. overly reliant on foreign oil. Others argue the government should help businesses move toward sustainability.

How Politicians Get Away With Dodging The Question

In political debates, candidates frequently avoid uncomfortable topics by diverting the conversation to an unrelated strength. Many politicians hire debate coaches who have perfected this technique, called "the pivot." So why do these dodges usually evade our cognitive radar? A psychologist explains.