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George McGovern: A Historical Perspective

George McGovern may be best known for losing one of the most lopsided presidential races in history, but he left an enduring impact on Washington -- and on a generation of politicians who followed him.

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Analysis: Obama And Romney Face Off On Foreign Policy In Third Debate

David Hawkings, editor of the CQ Roll Call Daily Briefing, talks about what Virginia voters will be listening for in tonight's presidential debate on foreign policy.

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Congress Divided Over Future Of Rail Policy

The region's Democrats are criticizing GOP attempts to block the Obama Administration's rail policy.

Foreign Policy Takes Center Stage In Final Debate

The presidential candidates meet Monday night for the final debate of this presidential election. President Obama and Republican Mitt Romney will be in Boca Raton, Fla. The event will focus on foreign policy, which was never expected to rival the economy as a major issue in this campaign. But foreign policy has played a bigger role than anticipated in recent weeks.

McGovern, From WWII Pilot To Embattled Candidate

Former Sen. George McGovern, the Democratic nominee for president 40 years ago this fall, has died at age 90, with his family gathered near him in South Dakota.

Candidates' Plans For U.S. Military At Home, Abroad

Steve Inskeep speaks with Tom Ricks, a fellow at the Center for a New American Security and contributing editor to Foreign Policy magazine, about the presidential candidates' foreign policy plans.
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Virginia Polling Places May See International Vote Monitors

International elections monitors are heading to the U.S. for this year's general election, and some of them could end up in Virginia due to the state's changed voter ID laws.