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Mississippi Leads U.S. In Reliance On Food Stamps

The state of Mississippi has the highest percentage of its population — 24 percent — on food stamps of any state in the country. The director of the SNAP program in Mississippi explains why.

Bring Same-Day Registration Back? Maine Votes

Republicans in Maine recently decided to remove the option for voters to register on the day they cast their ballot, citing the stress on municipal clerks and concerns about the potential for voter fraud. Democrats responded by launching a people's veto campaign. Voters in the state are being asked to restore same-day registration.

What To Watch For This Election Day

Tuesday is Election Day in many places around the country. NPR's Political Junkie, Ken Rudin, talks to host Audie Cornish to about who and what is on the ballot, and what the results may say about the 2012 races.

Oil Lobby Pumps Up To Impress Super Committee

The super committee in Congress is racing to find places to cut more than a trillion dollars out of the nation's deficit by Thanksgiving. The oil industry fears that ending its tax breaks may be one way the super committee will decide to raise revenue. That's spurred Big Oil's lobbying machine to work overtime.

Protesters Take Pipeline Fight To White House

Environmentalists are planning to encircle the White House Sunday to protest the Obama administration's expected support of a new pipeline through the Midwest to carry one of the dirtiest forms of oil from Canada to Gulf Coast refineries. NPR's Richard Harris explains that the pipeline pits jobs against the environment.

Small Elections Drawing Big Money In Some States

This year's school board election has been the most expensive school board campaign ever in Wake County, N.C. And it's not just happening there: All over the country, small-scale, local school board races are attracting big money and big media attention.

Win Or Lose, DuPree Makes History In Mississippi

Johnny DuPree is the first African-American candidate to win a major party's nomination for governor in Mississippi since Reconstruction. Though he remains a long shot against GOP Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant, DuPree says his run shows that the state has made progress.