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Ryan Won't Get All The Votes In Janesville, Wis.

In Paul Ryan's hometown of Janesville, Wis., where he still lives, people are still getting used to all the attention since he was placed on the GOP presidential ticket. Ryan is a figure of great admiration — even if many in Janesville are not enamored with his politics.

Obama Campaigns With One Eye On Hurricane Isaac

President Obama is continuing his two-day campaign tour of college campuses in Iowa, Colorado and Virginia despite Hurricane Isaac. While he's away from the White House, aides say the president is very much in command of the response to the storm.

GOP Rising Star: Gov. Martinez Is A Former Democrat

New Mexico Governor Susanna Martinez speaks at the Republican National Convention Wednesday night. The party hopes the nation's first Hispanic female governor will help showcase diversity, and in turn, attract Hispanic voters.

Mitt Romney Wins GOP Presidential Nomination

The Republican Party made it official Tuesday night by approving Mitt Romney as the GOP's presidential nominee. Delegates also heard from Romney's wife Ann and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Calif. Leaders Agree To Overhaul Pension System

California Governor Jerry Brown has reached a deal with legislators to overhaul the state's pension system. The changes include capping annual pension payments, requiring new employees to pay 50 percent of their pension costs and raising the retirement age. The package will save the state about $30 billion.

As Ryan Takes The Stage, He Gives Hope To Republicans, Democrats Alike

The seven-term representative from Wisconsin is set to accept the GOP's vice-presidential nomination on Wednesday. Although he has won over remaining doubters within the party, he could hurt efforts to reach out to independents.

GOP Reaches Out To Women More In Convention Programming Than In Platform Writing

The Republican National Convention is trying to build a bridge to more female voters.


The Risks And Rewards Of Romney's Faith Story

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney is beginning to open up about his Mormon faith. Will this help "humanize" him, or will it backfire in an age when most people's exposure to the Mormon faith is South Park or The Book of Mormon?

Ann Romney Delivers: 'She May Have Privilege, But She Understands'

The speech, the experts and pundits proclaimed, needed to humanize Mitt Romney. But it also served as a vehicle to humanize her, a woman of great attractiveness and expensive polish touched by cancer, multiple sclerosis and the trials of raising five sometimes screaming children.