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GOP Wants Pentagon Protected From Automatic Cuts

The deadline for a deficit-cutting plan from the supercommittee is just two and a half weeks away. In the meantime, Defense Department officials and their advocates on Capitol Hill are scrambling to find ways to stave off mandatory cuts if the committee doesn't reach an agreement.

Mississippi Voters Reject Personhood Amendment By Wide Margin

In the end it wasn't even close. The Mississippi "personhood" amendment on Tuesday's ballot which would have legally defined human life as beginning at the moment of fertilization failed by a very wide margin.Mississippi voters soundly rejected the constitutional amendment, with 58 percent voting "no" and only 41 percent voting "yes."

In Ohio, Repeal Of Collective Bargaining Law Could Fuel Democrats For 2012

In a closely watched vote Tuesday, Ohio voters overturned the state's new law limiting collective-bargaining rights for public employees. It's a victory for organized labor and their Democratic allies in a key electoral battleground ahead of 2012.

Cain Holds Press Conference To Address Allegations

GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain gave a press conference to address allegations that he made unwanted sexual advances toward female employees and a woman seeking job advice in the 1990s. Cain emphasized that the accusations were false. NPR's Tamara Keith joins Robert Siegel to explain.
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The Hill: Compromise From The Super Committee?

Republicans may finally be willing to concede on raising tax revenue in a super committee. The Hill's Alex Bolton explains that some thing that might not be enough.


Can Obama Make History Again?

The president's support among independents has collapsed; his overall approval ratings are well below those of other presidents who went on to win a second term; and unemployment is expected to stay near 9 percent until Election Day. To get re-elected in 2012, he'll have to defy the odds.