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D.C. Extends Hours For Early Voting

The District is also extending early voting hours because of Hurricane Sandy.


Obama Gets A Bird's-Eye View Of Sandy's Damage

On Wednesday, President Obama toured some of the hardest-hit parts of New Jersey, along with Republican Gov. Chris Christie. The two have become a political odd couple since the storm — each offering praise for the other's leadership.

The Destructive Storm That Built An Unlikely Political Bridge

President Obama and Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie continued their display of post-hurricane bipartisanship. It was striking considering Christie's pointed criticisms of Obama before the disaster.

Mysterious Anti-Obama Spam Texts Linked To Republican Consulting Group

A barrage of unsolicited anti-Obama text messages appears to be linked to a GOP consulting group, based in Virginia. The websites sending the messages have been suspended.
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State Election Results

Journalists join Diane to discuss the results of the 2012 House, Senate and governor elections.

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Election Results: The Presidential Race

A panel joins Diane to discuss the results of the presidential election.


Obama, Christie Unlikely Partners After Sandy

President Obama traveled to New Jersey on Wednesday to tour some of areas hardest hit by Sandy. Audie Cornish talks to Mara Liasson for more.