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Polls Show Americans, Like Their Justices, Are Still Divided Over Health Care

Americans remain about as polarized over the legitimacy of President Obama's health care law as the nine members of the Supreme Court, according to polls taken after Thursday's ruling.

Marco Rubio Draws On Family To Keep Him Grounded

NPR is looking at the American dream, and during an election year, politicians often talk about what they think that dream means. U.S. Senator Marco Rubio from Florida is one of the political world's brightest new stars. He offers his version of the dream in his new memoir, An American Son. He speaks with host Michel Martin.
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Pepco Lobbyists Visited D.C. Officials Almost 100 Times In 2011

D.C. officials may be taking this most recent swath of power outage as an opportunity to beat up on Pepco, but in reality, the utility has spent a lot of money and political capital on close relationships with District lawmakers. 


Gay Donors Open Wallets On Both Sides Of The Aisle

In politics, money talks. And money from gay and lesbian donors is talking louder than ever in this election cycle. That's partly a result of President Obama endorsing same-sex marriage, and partly because Republicans are starting to see contributions as well — a huge change from a few decades ago.

Obama's 'Clean Coal' Fighting Words To W.Va. Dems

How can an inmate beat out a sitting president in his party's primary? In parts of West Virginia, the answer is easy to explain. Just ask those who say Obama's policies threaten the culture of coal.

Romney Adviser Seems To Undercut GOP Health Care Tax Argument

Republicans seem at odds over whether President Obama introduced a big new tax through his health care law. Some conservatives are making a campaign issue of the Supreme Court ruling and its rationale. But a top aide says Mitt Romney — who signed a similar law in Massachusetts — doesn't see it as a tax.