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Maryland Gambling Legislation Expected Next Week

A draft of the proposed legislation that would expand gambling in the state of Maryland is expected to emerge some time next week, according to a spokesperson for Gov. Martin O'Malley.


Deadly Shootings Put Politics In Suspense

The shootings in Aurora, Colo., have silenced politics as usual, at least for the moment. The Romney and Obama campaigns have both pulled their TV ads from the air in Colorado, a state that had the three top political advertising markets in the country this week. NPR's Ari Shapiro reports on a somber day on the campaign trail.

Romney Sprints Ahead In Race For Cash

President Obama's campaign committee reported more cash-on-hand than Mitt Romney's in Friday's monthly report. But Obama's campaign spending far outstripped fundraising in June. Meanwhile, financial support for Romney has been flowing in from many different places.
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Analysis: Gray's Popularity, Pepco's Grilling, And The Kickoff Of Virginia's Senate Race

There are political stories aplenty in the D.C. area this week. Washington Post columnist Bob McCartney tackles Mayor Gray's polling numbers, Pepco being taken to task, and the high-profile Virginia Senate debate.


Just How Blind Are Blind Trusts, Anyway?

Mitt Romney, like other candidates before him, has stressed that his investments are in a blind trust. But some trusts are blinder than others.
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Alexandria Officials Seek Election Help

Officials in Alexandra are putting the word out for election officers.


Movie-Theater Shootings Put Presidential Politics On Hold

The shootings of dozens at a Colorado movie theater led the presidential campaigns to tear up their scripts for Friday and beyond. President Obama cut short a campaign trip to Florida as his campaign and that of Republican Mitt Romney halted ads in Colorado and canceled some appearances.

It's All Politics, July 19, 2012

Mitt Romney is under attack over taxes, Bain and outsourcing. But he's still tied with President Obama in nearly every poll. Plus, we weigh in on potential veeps, Ron Paul and Sarah Palin await their convention invites, Harry Reid complains, and Anthony Weiner mulls a comeback. Really.