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Perry, Romney Capture Spotlight At GOP Debate

Eight Republican presidential candidates gathered Wednesday night at the Reagan Presidential Library in California for a debate. It was the debate debut for Texas Gov. Rick Perry. He's overtaken former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in national polls.

Amid Skepticism, Obama Prepares For Jobs Speech

The president's jobs proposal is expected to include a combination of new and extended tax cuts, new spending on public works projects, and assistance for those who've been out of work a long time. But he's dogged by the controversy that surrounds his early stimulus effort.

How To Create More Jobs Divides Capitol Hill

President Obama will be addressing a house deeply divided when he goes before Congress on Thursday night. Many fellow Democrats hope to hear a speech filled with bold proposals to rally a dispirited nation. Republicans have their own plan, which revolves largely around legislation to knock down new and proposed labor and environmental rules.

Perry, Romney Rivalry Still Defines GOP Race After Debate

The presidential candidates mixed it up in their first face-off since Texas Governor Rick Perry entered the race. Romney and Perry went after each other early on who had the better record on job creation.
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D.C. Mayor's Deputy Chief Of Staff Resigns

The deputy chief of staff for D.C. mayor Vincent Gray resigned Wednesday, in response to accusations that she voted illegally in the D.C. primary.


GOP Reagan Library Debate: What To Expect

The Republican presidential debate from the Ronald Reagan library in Southern California will be voters' first chance to see the current frontrunner for the GOP nomination, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, on the same stage with the previous frontrunner, Mitt Romney.

Drought, Wildfires Haven't Changed Perry's Climate-Change Views

Texas Gov. Rick Perry heats up the atmosphere every time he talks about climate change. He's an avowed global warming doubter who once quipped, "The biggest source of carbon dioxide is Al Gore's mouth."