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Are You Better Off? That's The Question As Democrats Gather

When Democratic Gov. Martin O'Malley of Maryland answered "no," Republicans jumped on the comment. Vice President Biden weighed in, saying the answer's yes because "bin Laden is dead and General Motors is alive." Expect much more to be said.

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Mikulski To Honor Women In The Senate At DNC

Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikulski is at the Democratic National Convention this week, and she'll spend part of her time highlighting prominent women in politics. 

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DNC 2012: Virginia Takes Prime Floor Spot, Just Like At RNC

Delegates are gearing up for the start of the Democratic National Convention tonight, and Virginia's delegation has a seat front and center on the convention floor — much like at last week's RNC.


Memorable Moments From Democratic Conventions Of The Past

A look at five memorable Democratic conventions of the past, beginning in 1956 — when presidential nominee Adlai Stevenson threw the decision on naming a running mate to the delegates.


CarolinaFest Greets DNC Delegates To Charlotte

What better way to kick off a political convention than a Labor Day street festival? Convention-goers and Charlotte residents attended CarolinaFest, a street festival intended to kick off the week of events at the Democratic National Convention.

Democrats Gather In Charlotte To Renominate Obama

The Democratic National Convention is a chance for President Obama to fire up his base, reach out to independent voters and try to erase the messages put out last week at the Republican convention. The horse race, meanwhile, is stuck where its been for months: Romney and Obama are tied with any lead well within the margin of error.

Democrats' Convention To Focus On Jobs, Economy

As the Democratic National Convention kicks off in Charlotte, N.C., the economy is expected to be a central theme. The event is bookended by Monday's Labor Day celebrations and Friday's release of the latest monthly numbers on jobs.

On Campaign Break, Obama Tours La. Storm Damage

President Obama celebrated Labor Day in Ohio with unionized auto workers — many of whom say they owe their jobs to the federal government's rescue of Chrysler and General Motors. The president also took some time out from politicking to visit a flood-damaged area in Louisiana that was hard hit by Hurricane Isaac.

Colo. Swing County Worries About Defense Cuts

Steve Inskeep talks to Bob Murphy, mayor of Lakewood, Colo., about voters' concerns. Thousands of people there have jobs related to the government. Lakewood is in Jefferson County, a swing county, where the population is evenly divided among Republicans, Democrats and Independents.